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Song Premiere : “In The Meantime” – Grant Boyer

Grant Boyer is a founding member of Canadian rock group Golden Gate Graves. During their time, the band released a significant catalog of music, toured Canada coast to coast in 2010, and shared the stage with many great Canadian acts including Big Wreck, The Tea Party, Mother Mother, USS, April Wine, and Trooper among others. After five full-length records, the group disbanded in 2018.

From The Artist
: One day I realized that pretty much everything we do in life, our careers, our hobbies, our relationships, everything, it’s all a distraction from the inevitable reality that every one of us is going to die.

We don’t like to think about it, so we stay busy. That’s what inspired the song. I wrote this nice happy sounding riff because I didn’t want the song to feel dark and depressing. It’s just an observation, and you have to be able to laugh at the dark stuff. It’s meant to be more of a light-hearted joke on the whole idea.

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