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Smokey Robinson at Meridian Hall

Photos + Review by Jerome Joyce

Legend” is a word used today to describe pretty much anything cool in music that has, in my opinion, lost its meaning amongst the younger generation. Social media or clickbait commentary has taken away from those worthy of that term.

Smokey Robinson, the Gentleman I am writing about is the very definition of that word. Co-founder of Motown Records, over 4000 recorded tracks, Two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a Rock n Roll Hall fame inductee, to name a few. I can go on about his accolades and achievements but that would turn this little write-up into a read, of novel-length.

I’ve been a fan of Smokey since I heard “Tears of a Clown” many years ago. Having the opportunity to see it performed live, in person, is a dream come true for me. At 82 years of age and over 60 years of touring, Mr. Robinson doesn’t seem to be slowing down and in this case, headlining the 35th annual TD Toronto Jazz Festival.

Walking out to a standing ovation, the man of the hour, arms raised with appreciation, jumped right into it. Wearing a gold suit as bright as his smile, Smokey Robinson gave his audience a memorable performance. Charming and witty while sharing stories over his career, covering songs he wrote with The Temptations and singing songs from his solo career and early days with The Miracles, fans of all ages were singing along to their favourite songs all night.

Do you love live music? If so, I suggest you see this man perform! I guarantee it will rank as one of the best concerts you’ve ever seen! Being in the presence of an icon and musical history was a surreal and incredible experience for me.

One show I will cherish for the rest of my life.

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