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Song Premiere : “Fulfill You” – Vivek Mehmi

Award-winning hip-hop performer and music promoter Vivek Mehti has faced incredible adversity to get to where he is today. Just as his music career was starting to take off, in 2009 he faced debilitating medical issues that would put his whole life on pause. By 2015, he had embarked on a transformative journey of healing which led to the reinvigoration of his music career.

There was no use in waiting – all engines were set to go. He performed wherever he could, from festivals to café open mic nights, to the legendary Toronto $5 Dollar Rap Show, and busking on street corners. Vivek’s debut album, Right as Rain, was released October 11th, 2019. Right as Rain included a collection of personal, introspective tracks inspired by his life and the challenges he faced.

Now, he’s back with “Fulfill You,” the first single part of his EP, RelationShips, which will be released in stages. The song was inspired by many of his relationships, where he was trying to satisfy someone and put their needs before his own. It touches upon feelings of uneasiness, frustration, and heartbreak. Also, a yearning to be complete, to be rid of emptiness and loneliness.

From The Artist : I wanted to keep the production very simple and centered around percussion. You will notice bells, shakers, and ride cymbals. I also wanted to bring out the theme of conflict, of being in a relationship and fulfilling others even when it is not in your highest good. So I selected drums that are a bit upbeat, while the bass, flute, vocals, and organ in the track add this dark overtone. I couldn’t leave out my hip hop roots, and inserted a DJ scratch break, which adds this really cool surprise element. I am a BIG fan of the 80s production styles, so on the whole you get this retro feel to the track.

This whole EP has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and has been exploratory, compared to my previous work making hip hop music. This song dives further down the genre mash-up rabbit hole – I really wanted to try something new, specifically vocally. I think my listeners and fans are starting to realize that I don’t like to be boxed into one specific genre or classified as just “a rapper.”

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