Cycling adventures just got a whole lot more fun and exciting with the newly released Wahoo ELEMNT Roam 2. 

While the Bolt v2 has been my favourite bike computer for triathlon races on my TT bike, due to its increased performance, colours, and aero form factor. The original Roam has been my go-to on my road bike doing centuries and group rides due to its much larger screen size and battery life, which are great for maps and directions. 

The pros of both the Bolt V2 and original Roam are now combined and then some in the Roam v2! 

The biggest new and great feature is that the Roam 2 has dual-band GPS. This means it uses both L1 and newer L5 GPS signals for much more accurate routing, navigation, and tracking. Especially in harder to reach locations like dense forests or downtown areas with skyscrapers. 

We also now have a 64-colour LCD. This is substantial upgrade from 8 in the previous model. So now roads, greenery, lakes, and other indicators can be more clearly seen. Wahoo has doubled up the new Roam with 32GB of memory. So now we can store even more routes and regional maps to the device. 

Another big improvement with that the unit now features the same raised tackle bottom buttons, which makes it much easier to navigate through different pages and acknowledge notifications on screen. 

Given all the new feature updates, the Roam seem features the same long lasting 17 hours of battery life and is pretty much the same weight at 100 grams. And now the unit has USB-C charging.

The start of the show for me, has always been the seamless ease of use with Wahoo devices and the Wahoo ELEMNT App. Their software and hardware integration has always been the heart and star of the show. They have software updates frequently resolving issues and pushing out new improvements. Wahoo has added auto-syncing with its Wahoo X training platform. 

If you’re an existing Wahoo user as I am, you will be very pleased to find out that when setting up your new Roam 2, you can simply set it up with the new “Backup and Restore” feature. I was set up and ready to go out the door in a matter of minutes!

Now if you’re really into biohacking and all the latest and greatest technological feedback. The new Roam (as well as Bolt v2) can integrate with Supersapien to see real-time glucose levels so that you don’t bonk mid-ride! This is something I look forward to using in next years race season for sure.

Overall, while the new Roam 2 is in many ways still feels and acts like the original model, it enhances the experience plentiful and is much welcomed. 

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