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Song Premiere : “It Could Be Worse” – Merlot Embargo

Indie pop duo Merlot Embargo‘s music is diverse but rooted in the classics and their lyrics are personal and vulnerable, though some might consider Scarlet and Geoff an unlikely duo. Scarlet is a seat-of-the-pants, army brat singer-songwriter and Geoff is a native Californian music school nerd and engineer by day. But the blending of their different approaches to music (and life) has helped them create music that’s provocative, but also real and approachable.

The duo just released their new indie pop single, “It Could Be Worse.” The song embodies the feeling you get when you’re in a bad situation and here that dreaded phrase. “This felt like a common trope throughout the pandemic. It felt as though those who wanted to downplay Covid, or systemic racism, used this as a common retort,” shares the duo. “It seemed like there was something finally that would unite us all in commonality and mutual aid – and yet somehow the divisiveness became even more dramatic and there were so many who would jump through endless mental hoops to keep from feeling empathy for their fellow man.”

“It Could Be Worse” is a well-crafted and thoughtful indie pop song with a powerful message. Its catchy melody and infectious rhythm make it a fun and enjoyable listen, while its deeper themes give it added depth and resonance. It could remind listeners of Paramore, American Authors, and Foster the People.

Artist Statement : “Complacency is the end of progress. Things could be worse, yes. But they could also be better. So maybe let’s work on making them better.”

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