How to Follow Your Favorite Bands on Tour

Following a band on tour takes far more preparation than hopping in your car and driving from venue to venue. This is especially true if said band is playing shows across the country. Here are a few tips that will allow you to easily follow your favorite band, no matter where they go. 


The first thing you will need to figure out is how you will get from show to show. There are two main options: travel by air or take a road trip. 

By Air 

When it comes to air travel, and you have the money to spend, you can’t go wrong with a private jet charter. Not only can it be affordable if you travel in a large group, but it will also reduce travel time. For instance, KISS is having a farewell tour, and Toronto is a city they will be visiting in November. Some potential famous guests could be the likes of Santana and Alice Copper; since they will most likely be traveling privately, you can do the same. 

By Road

Traveling by road is a smart option if you are traveling to venues in the same city or state. Long-distance travel can get expensive, but a car is arguably the best way for short to medium trips. 

Book in Advance

One of the most crucial steps is to book everything in advance. From car rental to accommodation, you should book before you leave. Depending on the act and the size of the concert, the more affordable rooms and hotels can quickly be booked up. This also applies to tickets; booking tickets in advance will often lead to getting the best rates and eliminating the need to use scalpers, who will almost always put a massive mark-up on tickets, especially for sold-out shows. The KISS concert is a brilliant example of this, as tickets will most likely sell out quickly; keep tabs on when they go on sale, and book as soon as they do. 


Research the Cities

If you are traveling to cities or countries you have never been to before or don’t know much about, it is best to take some time to research them and find out important information, such as where to stay and how to travel around. 


Find out which hotels, motels, or Airbnb’s are near the venue. Toronto is a big and bustling city, but if a massive band plays a concert there, there will be an influx of fans looking for accommodation just like you. 

Car Rental 

Suppose you need to hire a car, research car rental companies in the area, and find out what you will need and what you will need to pay. Taxis can get expensive, and you may not be able to rely on public transport; if you are staying in the area for multiple days, hiring a car is much more affordable and valuable. 

RV Rental: 

If you can’t afford private air travel and want to save money on accommodation, another option is renting an RV. Considering many of them are more akin to an apartment on wheels than a car, it is a great way to still get to where you need to go while saving money. 

Be aware, however, that parking near the venue will be difficult no matter what transport you choose. Therefore, parking away from the venue and using a taxi may be best. 

Research Routes & Travel Times

While this isn’t something you need to memorize, since most phones have GPS, it is still essential to know routes and travel times between shows during peak traffic times or learn updates about routes in varying weather conditions. This will save you time and help you plan better, especially when traveling far distances. The day of the KISS concert will be mayhem with traffic in and around the venue area; having a planned route will be one of the best decisions of your day. 

You Don’t Have To Attend Every Show

One mistake you can make is attending too many shows. During the KISS farewell tour over the coming weeks, they will be playing shows all over Canada; while it may be exciting to attend all of them, choosing the right ones will make the experience much more enjoyable. This is especially important for those traveling on a budget, as a show in Saskatoon wouldn’t compare to one of KISS’s bigger concerts in Toronto or Edmonton. 


Traveling extensively can get expensive, as show tickets and hotels aren’t the only things you need to pay for. Save money where you can — for example, eating before the show and not spending money on overpriced snacks at the venue; this is a small change that will add up as the tour goes on, and you will be happy you did it. 

Eat Well

Another good tip is to eat well and keep your diet as healthy as possible. Traveling as much as you will be traveling will get tiring very quickly, and the last thing you want is not to have the energy to enjoy the show once you get to it. While you don’t need to follow a super strict diet, simply cutting back on food loaded with sugar and energy drinks will keep your energy levels stable, allow you to get good sleep, and be recharged when you wake up. 


Pack light 

Finally, don’t get bogged down regarding your luggage. If you are going to a rock concert, you don’t need a cocktail dress or formal outfit, but rather a pair of comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. You only need to pack a few outfits and essentials, as doing a few loads of laundry won’t be difficult at all, as almost every hotel will have a laundry service, and every city has a laundromat. 

With these tips, it is easy to follow your favorite band around the country and enjoy the shows they put on. As long as you prepare and plan correctly, it will be smooth sailing from the first show until the last.