Creating the Perfect Password Is No Longer Difficult with These 7 Online (Strong and Random) Password Generators

Looking for a way to quickly create an “uncrackable” password? Try one of the following online password generators.

Today, having a strong password on the web is essential. Whether it’s your email accounts, social networks accounts, Amazon accounts, accounts at the best no deposit bonuses online casinos here, or something else, using your birthday or cat’s name as a password is a bad idea.

However, creating the perfect password is challenging. Fortunately, you can use online password generators to create strong and unique passwords for your accounts. We’ve looked at the best online strong (and random) password generators – but the first question is, can you trust an online password generator at all?

What’s a Strong and Random Password?

A strong password has two basic characteristics: length and the so-called “entropy”.

The length of the password affects the time it takes to crack it. The longer the password, the more time it takes to crack because there are more individual bits to find. A shorter password is easier because it has fewer bits. A long password, by itself, is strong. That’s why some services use a passphrase instead of a password. All the extra characters add extra weight to it.

Another thing to watch out for is password randomness, also known as entropy. This describes the randomness of the password generation process and the resulting password. For example, an eight-character long password like 01234567 is significantly weaker than an eight-character password like 58z@L#?T.

The difference is due to the difficulty of breaking the individual characters into the correct order. The higher the entropy, the more random the password is and the harder it is to crack. The more entropy you introduce (more characters and variations), the harder it becomes.

Can You Trust an Online Password Generator?

There’s another factor to consider with online password generators: trust.

Can you trust a password generator service with your password? This means ensuring that the password generator doesn’t store logs and that the website uses the appropriate security certificates to create a secure connection between it and your browser.

It isn’t easy to determine whether or not an online password provider is doing all of these things correctly. In fairness, you should use an offline password generator because it’s the most secure method. Sending such sensitive information over the Internet exposes you to all kinds of problems.

However, if you intend to use an online tool, check out the following list of the seven best online password generators for a strong (and random) password.

  1. LastPass

LastPass’s password generator is a tool to generate a password from a confidential source that can be trusted. LastPass is a password manager application. You can use it to store passwords for hundreds of online sites that require a login. The LastPass desktop and online apps are excellent. But if you need a new password in an emergency, their online tool is a handy alternative.

You can change the password generation options to create a long, complex password that uses a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. It also has interesting options that customize your password to be “easy to say” or “easy to write” – we advise you to avoid those options for maximum security.

  1. Bitwarden

Bitwarden’s password generator is an excellent free password generator with some useful options. As you’d expect, it shows you how strong your password is, but it also has a useful display that lets you know how long it might take to crack your password.

Along with options for using capital letters, numbers, characters, and the like, you can switch to a phrase, or a longer phrase that you can use instead of a password. The Bitwarden phrase generator has other options, including using capital letters, numbers, and word separators.

  1. Perfect Passwords

Steve Gibson is a world-renowned developer and security expert, and his online password generator, named Perfect Passwords, has been running for over 10 years.

Perfect Passwords uses a powerful password generation algorithm to provide a high level of entropy. This tool generates a new set of passwords every time you refresh the page. You have three options: a 64-character hexadecimal password (that’s 0-9 and A-F), a 63-character ASCII password (that’s almost any character, including symbols), and a 63-character alpha-numeric password (that’s a-z, A-Z, and 0-9).

Of the above, the ASCII password is the most secure. The randomness of the character combination makes it difficult for anyone to crack, especially at 63 characters long.

  1. Dashlane

Dashlane is another great password management tool. For the benefit of the Internet and its users, Dashlane offers its password generator for free.

Like LastPass, you can customize the letters, numbers, symbols, and length before creating a complex password. The password generation animation is also a nice addition, changing between colors to show how strong your password is.

  1. NordPass

NordPass password generator is a free online password generator that belongs to the NordVPN (a VPN service provider) password manager app.

Similar to the other apps on this list, it lets you customize your character selection and instantly generates a password.

  1. Secure Password Generator Plus

Secure Password Generator Plus is another extremely easy-to-use online password generator. Secure Password Generator Plus gives you extensive control over the combination of characters in your password. For example, you can include symbols, numbers, and upper- and lower-case letters. But you can exclude similar letters, such as o, O, and 0, or similar characters, such as [, {, and (.

The Plus version also ensures that your password will start with a letter (often a problem with password entry rules), won’t repeat characters or symbols, and won’t duplicate them.

  1. The Web Browser Built-in Password Generator

Mozilla Firefox introduced a built-in password generator in Firefox 69. When you try to create a new account, you can right-click on the password field and select “Use Generated Password”. Google Chrome has a similar feature that you can access in the same way. 

But these aren’t the only web browsers with this option. There are more and more of them every day.

Are Online Password Generators Safe?

Using a completely offline password generator is the best option, usually through specific software or a password manager. However, using a free online password generator isn’t a bad option. The online password generators on this list are all secure and provide a strong and unique password every time, which is great for your security.

Additionally, it’s impossible for you to remember these strong generated passwords, so be sure to use a password manager. There are many of them on the market, so choose the one that suits you best.