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Behind The Video: “I’m Still Here”- Kristin Carter

Contemporary pop artist Kristin Carter recently released the official music video for her latest single “I’m Still Here”

Written by the Vancouver-based artist –who also co-produced with Marcus Ramsay–“I’m Still Here” is an enchanting sound bath composed entirely from Carter’s own voice using expressive harmonies and overtones that allow the strong and purposeful lyrics to come alive. The music video was directed by award-winning filmmaker Eva Tavares and today we’re excited to be teaming up with her to give our readers and exclusive behind the scenes look! Continue reading to go behind the video.

BEHIND THE VIDEO: “I’m Still Here” by Kristin Carter

I’m Kristin Carter, a pop contemporary artist from Vancouver BC. I’m excited to go “behind the video” with you and tell you all about the little indie music video that could: “I’m Still Here”

The Inspiration:

“I’m Still Here” is about resilience; the strength and bravery it takes to continue on. It was a challenging song to write because of the heavy theme. I wanted it to be relatable to people across all different situations and experiences. What we had originally planned to be an epic ballad backed by soaring instrumentation ended up being an entirely acapella world, which I love. My friend and fellow artist Denique LeBlanc convinced me to put it out, and my talented friend and director Eva Tavares was the one to suggest a video for this song. She came up with the concept of a statue forgotten through time; braving the seasons and elements, as a metaphor for the challenges and tribulations of life.

The Creation: 

We didn’t have access to a large budget so it was an incredible stretch to make a music video that required special FX make-up, rain, snow, and CGI. But we believed in our vision, and somehow we were able to assemble an incredible team of creatives, and the best crew to bring the project to life. We tried everywhere we could to save money, and so we DIY’d as much as we could. Eva and I prepared two days worth of meals for 50 people (which included 4 chickens from her family farm), and my mom and boyfriend’s mom catered all the snacks. It was two full days of shooting, with 3 hours of make-up for me each day to transform into a statue getting sloshed with wind, rain and snow. I would do it a million times over, it was such a great team and we had a blast on set. Those are some memories I’ll never forget.

The Audience:

My hope is that when people see the video they reflect on how far they’ve come, remember all they’ve been through and recognize their own strength and resilience. Life is hard, we are all trying our best, but through it all, we are still here. We hope you are moved by it. We are so proud to share the story of our brave statue who loudly proclaims “I’m Still Here!” with the world.

Thank you Live and Limbo for letting me go “Behind the Video” for “I’m Still Here”.

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