2024’s Must-Hear Summer Albums You’ll Want to Play on Repeat

We’re perspiring while standing still, sipping more icy beverages during the day, and suddenly feeling a lot more embarrassed about the additional weight from the festivities that we intended to lose but failed to do so when we announced our New Year’s plans. Summertime must be here. Regardless of our state of preparedness for the swimsuit season, we can’t help but get thrilled about the prospect of dancing to our favorite summertime tunes. 

When you start talking about excellent summer tracks, things get a little complex. You may make soundtracks for the remaining months of the year with music to suit all musical preferences. Below are the lists of 3 highly anticipated summer albums that will make you groove. Let’s get started!

  1. X Ambassadors – Townie

With their fourth studio album, Townie, pop rock band X Ambassadors embraces a whole new dimension of melancholy. The circumstances of growing up in Ithaca, New York, and how it influenced their identity served as the inspiration for the record. The band’s idea is anchored in a harrowing, driving tune with “No Strings,” the project’s first hit, serving as a chorus for that unsettled mood. 

While maintaining a more depressing tone, “Your Town” and “Half-Life” embark on the adventure. X Ambassadors began their Townie trip in February and March, traveling throughout Europe and the UK. While being in Europe listening to brand new music on a cruise, your mind will whisk you away to the realm of soothing music. 

  1. Best Coast – Crazy for You

This album captures all the elements of summertime in under thirty-one minutes. During lengthy, bright drives to the beach, this album is perfect for listening to because each song has a lot of oohs and aahs, giving them an extra dose of dreaminess. The album’s overall gloomy charm is further enhanced by the sleepy, Shangri-Las-esque voices and wall sound-style tunes that appear to drift on a light wind (or puff of cannabis smoke). 

The words, which are reminiscent of Dear Diary, are almost unbelievably serious. They are the thrills and anguish of having an insanity-inducing crush on an adorable young man who might or might not listen to your sentiments.

  1. Bryson Tiller – Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller may take a break shortly after his forthcoming tour, so reserve seats as soon as you can. Asserting that video games are his first hobby, the R&B singer and rapper made this claim to Complex. The record Tiller is referring to is his self-titled fourth album, which is a 19-track compilation with a Victoria Monét appearance. 

According to an announcement, the album “seamlessly combines R&B, dancehall, pop, drill, trap soul, neo-soul, and hip hop.” This is not merely a simple summertime album that would like to play on a loop; instead, it’s a declaration of imaginative liberty and commendation for the constant chasing of eminence. 

Summer blesses listeners with renowned hip-hop and rock releases. From X Ambassadors – Townie to Best Coast – Crazy for You, get yourself ready to groove with these 3 must-have summertime albums.