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Thee Attacks at Phoenix Concert Theatre – December 1, 2013

Thee Attacks brought their swaggering, pump-up rock to energize the Toronto crowd at The Hives’ show on Sunday night. You knew what type of performance it was going to be when vocalist and guitarist Jimmy Attack strolled on stage in tight leather pants.

“We are not The Hives,” he unnecessarily prefaced.

On stage, the Danish four-piece trade in big, punchy numbers not unlike their tour mates – though their brand of rock is perhaps even more in your face than what The Hives do. Where their Swedish tour mates perhaps posses some subtlety (at least in musical technique – not in stage presence), Thee Attacks are comfortable enough to hit you over the head with it. Repeatedly.

The band’s over-abundance of guitar solos from the talented Terry Attack was their true highlight, keeping the crowd entertained as they watched the guitarist steal the spotlight on the strength of extended instrumental bridges. Fellow band members Johnny Attack (bass) and Ritchie Attack (drums) held their own as well, while Jimmy’s voice fit comfortably with their big and booming musical output.

Truthfully, it’s a little cheesy and formulaic. Think: going to a concert put on by the band that you see in the background of your Rock Band or Guitar Hero games. But you also get the sense that that’s what Thee Attacks are going for. They’re there to pump up the energy in the room.

No, it’s not the type of music you put on in the background – and it’s also not the type of music you have deep, intelligent conversations over. If you’re looking for in-your-face, energetic big riffs however, Thee Attacks will undoubtedly fill that void in your rock n’ roll playlist.

Sarah Rix

Former Music Editor & Concert Photographer at Live in Limbo. Sarah was born in Toronto. She's worked at some places that you've heard of (like NXNE) and some that you haven't. She is an Academy Delegate at the JUNOs (CARAS). You can usually find Sarah at a concert, on Twitter @beets, or on Instagram @sarahrix. She also likes dogs and cheeseburgers.

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