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How to play right at US online casino and keep your pockets full

Online casino advertising is pouring in from everywhere: movies, streams, articles, various banners, and pop-ups. Casino partners work tirelessly to lure new people to gambling houses and sites. Moreover, people in search of freebies and thirst for profit, do not follow the basic rules of interaction with the online casino, reducing the chance of winning and getting money to zero. These are the rules that will be discussed in this article today.

Choosing an online casino in the US

It is possible to find hundreds of different US online casinos on the Internet. And 90% of them, without exaggeration, is dubious establishments. It is impossible to win at some of the online casinos, or you will not be allowed to withdraw the money you’ve won. The owners of such establishments allow partners to use backdoors to attract traffic: spam, various “win-win schemes”, and much more.

So, the first rule, if you saw a flashy advertisement for another gambling house, do not rush to register immediately. Type the name of this establishment into the search bar and read the reviews carefully. Reviews should be sought on specialized forums with the lists of online casinos in the US. You won’t have any problems googling about the gambling establishment and finding forums with players’ feedback.

The second rule, evaluate the life of US online casinos. For example, a new establishment opened, and the owners might want to work honestly. But unable to withstand the competition and having low traffic, they switch to standard schemes: to scum players and don’t pay winnings. Therefore, ideally, the casino should work for a long time and have a good reputation.

If you are not too lazy and study the reviews, it is possible to save a small chance of winning by registering in honest and trusted establishments. Not observing the above rules, there is a great risk of running into scammers and being left penniless.

Do you need to take free spins and deposit bonuses?

Let’s imagine that the online casino has been chosen correctly. Most of the establishments have free spins and deposit bonuses that are credited as a gift for various actions. But what you need to do with such bonuses, ignore them, or accept them?

Free spins

Free spins available in certain slot machine virtual games provided for registration or for making a deposit. It looks like a freebie, but it is not. For winnings from free spins, it is imperative to wager a huge amount of money (x20-45 and even more!). The wager is the sum of the player’s bets, after which he can withdraw money.

Deposit bonuses

Almost all online casinos offer deposit bonuses. What does it mean? The player deposits money into the account, and the casino gives him additional bonus money depending on the conditions (100, 150, 200, 300 percent on the deposit, etc.) The highest wagers and restrictions apply here. So, if you accept + 500% deposit bonus you will need to wager this money 40 times!

Age and identification

All gambling establishments do not allow minors to play. Moreover, when withdrawing money, you will most likely need to send an identity document. Therefore, if you are not 18/21 (depends on state) years old, it is not worth playing, you will get money. Identification is a mandatory attribute of a good casino. They may require a passport, a photo with a passport from a person, or complete video identification. If you are not ready to send your data to an unknown site, it’s not worth playing, since each reputable casino require users ID.


Online casinos are cash vacuum cleaners that can leave any person without a penny in a few minutes. Only owners and partners make money on them. An ordinary player will not expect anything but ruin there, so think before registering if you need it. Since Lady Luck maybe not on your side…

Nathan Goufas

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