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What Are The Most Memorable Tim Burton Films?

Tim Burton is one of the most popular and best-established directors in Hollywood and is renowned for his unique and distinctive style. For anyone who is familiar with the 62-year-old’s work, it can be easy to identify his films due to the tropes and recurring techniques used within them. Burton has been in the chair for 19 movies since Pee-wee’s Big Adventure in 1985, and most of his offerings have been successes. In terms of sheer entertainment, though, there are a few that stand out from the crowd.


Beetlejuice was Burton’s second feature film and many of the director’s fans see this as his finest work. Michael Keaton shone as the devious eponymous poltergeist in the 1988 picture, and it was praised for its originality and bizarreness.

Despite being made over 30 years ago, the legacy of this brilliant Burton offering continues in popular culture today. Not only can today’s young adults access the classic film on streaming platforms like Netflix, but they can also play games based on it. One of the current offerings is the Beetlejuice slot from Barcrest which can be played at LeoVegas and other sites. According to editor Shallyn Goodhead at Bonus Finder, this is one of the best places to play online slots thanks to the offers available.

Big Fish

In Big Fish, Burton managed to achieve something that many people would deem impossible. He created a film that was superior to the book upon which it was based. The novel of the same name by Daniel Wallace was unique and enjoyable, but the silver screen adaptation was much more uplifting and magical. Burton took a solid framework and embellished it marvellously for one of the most memorable and epic pictures of his career.

Some of the aspects that were added to the 2003 film that differed from the source material were Edward Bloom’s working in a circus, his longstanding friendship with the giant, and his knowledge of how he was to meet his end. The movie was met with strong critical reception and received numerous nominations at the Golden Globes.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands is perhaps one of the most iconic Burton films, and one that really helped to kick-start Johnny Depp’s hugely successful acting career. In the picture, Depp plays an artificial humanoid with blades instead of fingers and a childlike understanding of the world. Burton conceived the story himself but wasn’t able to get the film made until he had had commercial success with Beetlejuice and Batman.

The picture marked the start of one of the longest-running actor-director partnerships in the industry between Burton and Depp. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor went to star in seven other films for Burton in the years that followed.

Burton is also well known for his classic Batman offerings and Sleepy Hollow, but for anyone looking for a crash course in his directing style, these are the best ones to start with.

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