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Popular Kevin Hart Movies to Help Give You the Laughs

Apart from the comic online casino games or online roulette games, you can also get to rely on movies for entertainment and fun. Kevin Hart is one of the most respected comedians in the entertainment industry right now. Therefore, you are guaranteed to be rolling down with laughter once you start watching any of his movies. 

After all, he has been in the comic industry for as long as we can remember by winning several amateur comedy competitions. Here is a list of some fun movies that feature the talented comedian.


Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart make the best comic team in this 2017 movie. This time, they play a team of teenagers who get stuck in a magical video game after being sent to detention.  Therefore they have to take on their simulated characters and solve the mystery of the Jungle.  That is the only way that they can get to go back home. Jumanji has also inspired some best payout casino sites to develop a casino game of the same title.

Ride Along

How far can a man go to prove his love to an overprotective brother? Kevin Hart plays a security guard who goes on a police ride with his brother-in-law to prove that he is man enough for the sister.  He ends up helping the brother in-law nail one of the biggest crimes in the city.  The combination of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart will definitely give you the laughs that you need.

Night School

When 2 comic masters meet, you just might crack your ribs from laughing. Tiffany Haddish has to play a teacher who gives adults night school lessons for extra income. This helps her to meet Hart’s character, Teddy.  What seemed like a wrong placement for Teddy gives him one of the most genuine friends.

Get Hard

After being wrongfully accused of a crime, James (Will Ferrell) is given a month to sort out his life before having to go to prison. It is during this period that he gets to meet Kevin Hart’s character, Darnell. Together they work to make James tough and ready for prison life.

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