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Movie Reviews: The Other Guys

The Other Guys, the latest buddy cop movie in theatres, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

So what can I say about this movie? Well, watch the trailer.

You just saw every funny joke in this movie, I just saved you $9.00 – $12.50, you’re welcome.

When this movie opens up, we’re treated to some awesome sequences featuring Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson, and their segment is crazy entertaining; it’s funny, it has action, and basically everything one would expect from a buddy cop movie; their 15 minute part was a wonderful homage to movies like Lethal Weapon, Bad Boys and the later Die Hard movies.

Then we’re introduced to Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg’s characters… and it all goes straight to crap from there.

I was hoping this would be a movie with bouncing back and forth segments of the bad ass cops of Jackson and Johnson and then back to the other two, but no, after their 15 minutes Jackson and Johnson are never seen again; the best part of the movie is gone after 15 minutes.

So essentially here’s what we have: Will Ferrell playing every role he’s ever been, so the “I’m so goofy and awkward I must be funny” routine that got old roughly 12 years ago added to Mark Wahlberg’s role from The Happening where he was trying to be moderately intense but instead came off as goofy and will wind up getting more laughs than Ferrell’s character simply because he’s so lame.

Oh yeah and Michael Keaton plays a police commissioner who’s other job is at Bed Bath & Beyond, so that’s kind of funny; and he always quotes TLC lyrics… yeah that chick pop band from the 90s… I don’t get the comical reference either.

Thing is, Will Ferrell just isn’t funny, despite what we’re told to think otherwise. I’ll give you a minute to finish writing your hate Email about that comment… okay so here’s my point: Will Ferrell is only funny when he has a strong supporting cast to give his jokes substance, but in this film he doesn’t have that strong support so he has to rely on his own natural comedic skills; and if Semi-Pro and Land of the L

ost taught us anything, it’s that he doesn’t have any of that left.

Wahlberg also doesn’t help as he has shown in the past that he can be funny, but his role was the cop trying to be more serious and when Wahlberg tries to act too serious, it just doesn’t work.

A big problem with this film is that 95% of the time the jokes aren’t funny, but then the same jokes get repeated over and over and over again; and if a joke’s not funny the first time, it certainly isn’t going to be funny the seventh; Will Ferrell’s character has a hot wife, and they milk that joke so much it will actually make you a little angry. We get it! He’s a goober and his wife is hot hahaha unlikely match-up move on!

The plot is standard fare for a buddy cop movie, and then followed by possibly the most anti-climactic and stupid climaxes you’ll ever see in this genre. There is really little to nothing positive to say about this movie, I was on the verge of getting up and walking out a few times, the only reason I toughed it out was so I could warn you folks before you to wasted your money with this painfully unfunny comedy.

Don’t waste your money on this movie, the characters are terrible outside of the opening 15 minutes, the jokes fall flat on their face ever time they’re told and the performances by both main characters are awful at best. Here’s hoping Scott Pilgrim and The Expendables will be good, because I need a good movie to wash the taste of this film out of my head.


written by Lee Clifford

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written by Lee Clifford

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written by Lee Clifford

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written by Lee Clifford

*Read More* for Full Written Review!



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