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Tori Amos at Massey Hall

Photos by Katrina Lat

Tori Amos captivated a rapturous Massey Hall with a range of songs from her huge repertoire.

Amos entered the stage to a standing ovation, taking a seat between a keyboard and a grand piano, with a backdrop of burning forest dramatically lit behind her. Amos switched effortlessly between keyboard and piano, often mid song, even playing the two instruments simultaneously during Black-Dove (January). Several of Amos’ songs are accompanied by applause from the audience as the first bars ring out. Little Amsterdam got it’s first play of the current tour and raucous applause from the audience.

The lighting turns the burning trees to green flames during Upside Down 2. The effect alongside Amos’ voice is beautiful and haunting. The atmosphere Amos cultivates gives such power to her performance and adds an even deeper emotional dimension to her recorded music. As the set continues, the burning tree backdrop is replaced with a ‘Fake Muse network’ logo as Amos laments the problems in the US and says they need to look to their Canadian sibling for inspiration in this turbulent time.

Amos then launches into a cover of The Tragically Hip’s Ahead by a Century, bringing the crowd to their feet to welcome the cover. The audience have a meerkat-style approach to their favourite songs – popping up to make their approval clear, then sitting back down to enjoy the songs, displaying an enthusiastic and polite respect.

The set is topped off with Wings and Precious things. When Amos exits the stage, the volume of the applause is impressive. She single-handedly enchanted Massey Hall with her sublime, ethereal voice and epic songs.

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