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Song Premiere : “Concrete” by Peter Drucker

From The Artist : I think it’s becoming a pretty universal truth that everyone seems to be living a better life, especially by the purely objective metrics of what one sees online. They definitely don’t have nearly as many bad days and hours of boredom, right? Everything they do must be action packed, exciting and self-actualizing?

My latest song, “Concrete,” is about a “friend” of mine who seems to have moved on to greener pastures and left me behind to drudge through my dreary existence without them.

There is some beauty in our darker sides. The songs I write are to tell stories that I need to say, things that fester inside if held for too long. La poésie est dans la rue. “Concrete” is the start of something bigger. I’ve got several songs coming down the pipeline in the near future that should paint a clear picture of my mission statement.

Songwriter turned accidental frontman Peter Drucker has developed a style that loosely threads the line between an out-of-phase Kanye blended with “Montana” era John Mayer. He creates melodies with infectious enthusiasm, and a lyrical intensity spanning a well crafted collection of glimpses into his mind.

Drucker tries to write songs that have a veneer of escapism interwoven with a story. His brand new single, “Concrete,” is about a ‘friend’ who seems to have moved on to greener pastures, leaving you behind to drudge through a dreary existence without them.

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