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ARTPOP – Lady Gaga (2013)

Final Rating: 8.8/10

Lady Gaga, often slammed or highly praised, is no stranger to controversy and to how the music industry works. After her last album Born This Way, one of which was either adored or ridiculed for its messages and filthy beats, and after a tour cancelation, a broken hip, twitter feuds, and so many other troubles, she seemed to keep a level head for her biggest project yet, ARTPOP (Yes, in all capital letters). Like anything Lady Gaga related, you may love this album or you will hate it depending on how you feel about her to begin with or whether or not you agree with what she is trying to do. This writer is highly impressed with ARTPOP; A musical journey that travels through genres, ideas, and emotions. It is an album that starts off far fetched and off the walls and then slowly comes down to Earth and is frighteningly personal.

The album starts off with Aura, a bizarre track that begins with the kind of sounds you would hear on a weird Born This Way track (perhaps Americano). The song talks about the murder of the narrator’s former life (presumably Born This Way) as the bass featured on this album bursts its way slowly into the song, changing the song entirely. That is how the album starts. It starts with the most experimental song on the album, as it transitions into the second weirdest song Venus: A modern B52s-like song that combines partying, sex and astronomy with an eerie Sun Ra sample that chants within the background. The album begins to explore sex based songs with GUY and the more toned down Sexxx Dreams, as it jumps into a hip hop based song called Jewels and Drugs (two of the other topics found in rap) featuring T.I., Too $hort and Twista. Following this theme of popular radio genres we have the rock anthem MANiCURE which cleverly combines the idea of getting a manicure to relieve ones self of stress with the mentality of being rid of men entirely. After so many songs about sex and self power, we have Do What U Want, featuring R Kelly, which has Lady Gaga sacrificing her body as a sexual object but refuses to give up her mental integrity. It is a driven song with R&B elements that features some of Lady Gaga’s best vocals to date.

After so many heavy hitting songs, we reach the midway point with the title track ARTPOP: A pretty and calming song about unity. The concept of self depravation for art returns, sadly (for the pop star, not for us) with Swine. Swine, too, is about self sacrifice for one’s passion as it is a much more confrontational song about doing what it takes to live one’s dream as it exposes the disgusting personalities of higher ups. Suddenly, the second half of ARTPOP reveals itself to be the more hard hitting half lyrically, as the first half focused on giving us a good time and on being strong. Donatella follows as a satirical look on the idol of the same name, as it both commends her for her importance yet also paints the tabloid driven picture of her (with lyrics about how she is a self empowered bitch). Fashion! similarly praises yet mocks the fashion industry with lyrics that are as flashy as a photo shoot itself: You sense the reality behind the art. Mary Jane Holland follows, and it is a marijuana anthem. However, it isn’t the typically sleazy weed song. It’s actually a bitter sweet epic full of dirty synths, a theatrical bridge, and lyrics that both promote highs yet show one’s dependency on them.

This leads us to Dope, a piano ballad that can be linked to marijuana as well yet is Lady Gaga’s most hard hitting song yet. It compares the separation between her and her loved one(s) with being separated from a drug. It’s candid. It’s heavy. It’s Lady Gaga at her most bare ever. Gypsy trails afterwards with a piano intro that fights back with an upbeat rhythm signifying Lady Gaga’s strengths lying amongst her music and her effect on the world musically. As she ends the song off with listing the names of countries, she mentions “I don’t speak German but I try”. This is a clever homage to her song Scheisse off Born This Way, which sexually states “I don’t speak German but I can if you’d like”. Only this time in Gypsy, she’s showing her efforts as an entertainer, not her will to impress a lover. The album is over with her remembering why she is a performer to begin with, and we conclude the album with the epilogue Applause: A tune devoted to her fans.

A track by track commentary is necessary since ARTPOP is a clear concept album that travels from obscurity to realization. The album is linked musically as well, with songs that bounce off the starts and finishes of one another (yet never fully transitioning, which would usually be a bad note but here it works as this is an album of pop songs that can be played individually). We hear a lot of EDM beats and synths throughout the album, but they never feel fake like they did on Born This Way, despite being electronic sounds. They sound as real as electronic sounds can sound. The production on this album is well done, with walls of sound thick enough to stand within and bass that cascades off all corners of the room. There are many sounds and ideas happening at once. As an example, Venus (which Lady Gaga produced herself) will have snare drums get more and more layered to punctuate parts of the song more than others to create dynamics. In ARTPOP, she creates a falsetto sung melody to accent the background music of the second verse, never mind a chorus. These kinds of cares of all parts of the songs are what separate ARTPOP from your run of the mill pop album. Vocally, Lady Gaga has never been better, as she belts the high notes in Do What You Want, screams in Swine, and channels many of her idols ranging from Elton John and David Bowie to Christina Aguilera and Annie Lennox.

ARTPOP is interesting because its goal was to combine pop with art, clearly. While it shows a great sense of pop being done well, its sense of art doesn’t pop out at first until a further look. Pop art, a type of art popularized by Andy Warhol, created meanings and art through commercial objects. On ARTPOP, Lady Gaga creates further meanings within the same songs. Mary Jane Holland isn’t just about being high: It’s about hiding behind a fake person. Donatella isn’t just about admiration: It’s about jealousy. Do What U Want isn’t just about standing up for yourself: It’s about begging for your reputation as you are stripped of your innocence. This album may not scream about the art classics or stray too far off the pop spectrum, but each song creates ideas that can be analyzed on a further analysis as a double meaning (including the overly silly Venus, which can either be a fun and sexy song or reference an outside look on how the world is run). While the album can be silly at times lyrically, the album is meant to be a fun experience for the most part so these silly hiccups are easily forgiven.

With every song climaxing, every track leading off the next, and the album taking a ride from the highest point outside of one’s mind down into the deepest parts of their subconscious, ARTPOP is an unusual pop album. It’s rare to see such a commercial pop album have such steady precision and such purpose. In the end, not everyone will be a fan of Lady Gaga, but after ARTPOP, one has to respect the hard work that went into this album. Lady Gaga co wrote and co produced virtually every song on here and had a lot of control over this idea she had in mind. With the eccentric cover that’s bizarre at first but rather stunning after some getting used to, this album may be a bit weird to some at first. However, whether the trip is a good one or not, it’s a rare time such a commercial album is worth the devotion and time of everyone. It’s the album that separates Lady Gaga from her pop rivals on the radio and on disc, and it’s the album that will remind us why she is to share an entire album with the legendary Tony Bennett next year, and why she has performed on stage with The Rolling Stones. It is the album that reminds us why Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga.

Andreas Babiolakis

Former Film Editor & Music Writer at Live in Limbo. Co-host of the Capsule Podcast. A Greek/South African film enthusiast. He has recently earned a BFA honours degree in Cinema Studies at York University. He is also heavily into music, as he can play a number of instruments and was even in a few bands. He writes about both films and music constantly. You should follow him on Twitter @Andreasbabs.

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  • I felt like you are a fan but I totally agree with one thing: whether it's good or not, this album separates herself from the other pop singers. It's not factored music, it's her own world through music.

    • Leo83 In all honesty if you told me I'd like Lady Gaga 5 years ago I would have laughed. Even when I started to like her, I never felt like her albums were full. They may have had good songs but they were never full. ARTPOP is her first complete album for me, and it's as you said. It's separate from other pop.
      I try to never keep my reviews biased, and I hope they don't seem as such haha!

      • AndreasBabiolakis Leo83 they certainly don't seem biased. You shouldn't read into the above comment from Chris Tanasoff. He's an obsessed (to the point of derangement) Madonna fan who helps run a gross Lady Gaga hate site. Your review was easy to read and concise, so thank you!

        • RockBot AndreasBabiolakis Leo83 
          I had a feeling! 
          Yeah that's what's vile about the music world. Extremist fans will focus more on tearing apart what they don't like rather than appreciate what they do like. As a critic, I must do both, but I never continue experiencing what I despise. I put on albums I like. I look into artists I like. These fan wars are absolutely ridiculous and childish. 
          Thank you, too!

        • AndreasBabiolakis RockBot Leo83 LOL "extremist" because it's totally extreme to give an opinion on an album based on merit and the standard that she herself sets. 
          I didn't use any personal attacks on gaga or you, Andreas and here you are agreeing with a comment calling me deranged and I'm the extremist.  
          What a joke. Can't take some constructive criticism.

        • AndreasBabiolakis RockBot Leo83 Actually Andreas, they say knowledge is power so let me give you something you desperately need. 
          Speaking of deranged, this is a screen cap from the twitter account of one of the people praising you on here, that's also attacked me.

          You read right, that's tweeting about KILLING another gaga fan because they get more attention from the woman. 
          Just accept it, the people that have given you compliments on here are the same anonymous twitter accounts that embarrass lady gaga's fan base by doing nothing but hating on other artists and attacking people that disagree with them. 
          You're getting comments from faceless pathetic stans and then you have the nerve to engage in a comment about me being deranged, yes me, the same person that has valid comments, that hasn't hated on anyone personally and who says his opinion as himself.

        • AndreasBabiolakis 
          You just want your ego to be stroke You are as flaky as Monsters and Gaga's wig.

        • ChrisTanasoff AndreasBabiolakis RockBot Leo83 
          I don't agree with death threats. Sorry, I just do not.
          It's clear that there are visceral people on both sides here. 
          I can easily take constructive criticism though. Nothing was constructive but that's beside the point.
          I may have been a bit harsh on you as I took what you were initially saying as a questioning of my purpose for having written this review, and I based the above agreement on the numerous claims that you run a hate site, which I do think is deranged. I agree that wishing death on another fan is also, easily, far more deranged. 
          I'm just replying so people don't think I accept death threats as being acceptable behavior.

        • Lady Mehgaga AndreasBabiolakis 
          Hardly! I wrote a review to express how I felt. Nothing says wanting to have their ego stroked like returning to a review of an album they hate and spamming it with the same/similar comments. Does me replying give you that satisfaction? Good! It's the last time it'll happen!

  • You're certainly a fan but giving a positive review of a bad album so her fans can cling onto it for hope won't help them here. The music will speak for itself. 
    ARTPOP truly sounds like a tribute compilation put together in a month or two. There is no continuity in this work: it’s a bunch of tracks thrown in together to fill a record (but not a true “album” in spirit).
    Gaga promised a fun album (like her first one), but all she delivered was stupid songs with embarrassing lyrics, and music that has been heard before, especially in the 80s and 90s.
    I believe when writing a review you should review it on it's merit. Judge it on what the artist promises. Did it revolutionist music as promised? No. Did it take you a reverse warholian expedition? No. 
    The woman that claims she is one of the best singer/song writers today, failed to deliver on any of her promises. 
    The album isn't bad but it falls far short of the brilliance she projected. Perhaps if she hadn't tried to sell it to us as high art, it would be doing much better now. 
    The ARTPOP era is turning out to be her least successful yet and with her manager leaving her due to "creative differences" it only goes to prove what her detractors are saying, she's on a steady decline.

    • ChrisTanasoff  It wasn't even confirmed if her and Troy Carter even split, it was a rumor started by the Hollywood Reporter.

      • perrypaige16 Roger Friedman has had ten years experience with fox news before moving over to Frobes - that's where it's coming from. It's not like it's coming from a gossip site. Major publications like forbes are reporting it. - What a massive mistake!

        • ChrisTanasoff perrypaige16 That doesn't mean anything if the people involved haven't said anything. When they confirm it then you can be dramatic.

        • ChrisTanasoff perrypaige16 Wow! He's originally from Fox News?!? They're like the most reliable news source ever. (Said no one with a brain)

        • ChrisTanasoff perrypaige16 When Roger was bashing Madonna via Forbes, you called him a fluke and a rat. Now that he's bashing Gaga, he's reliable? Interesting.

        • I remember you calling him reliable when he was bashing Madonna, and now he's not that he's bashing gaga?
          Also, I didn't say that hon. It was the owner of the blog.

        • ChrisTanasoff In addition, this means everything Roger has said about Madonna is also true. She's racist, a thief, lies about the amount of money she makes, stole from kids in Malawi, and her tour flopped! OUCH!

        • LOL is that what you think it means. My comments were based on roger, billboard, forbes and several other publications reporting it.
          Why do teenagers try and play this game. You'll loose everytime darling.

    • ChrisTanasoff  I wouldn't give a positive review just for fans to cling on to. That's tactless. Did I give Eminem's new album a good score or the slew of movies I've ripped apart good ratings for the fans? 
      I'm judging based on how the album works and how it sounds. There is hardly a lack of continuity when every song links to the next both lyrically and sonically. For someone wanting a fun album, you're taking silly lyricism and throwbacks/homages to retro styles a bit too seriously are you not?
      If you read my review, I described how I saw a reverse warholian expedition. True, the album wasn't as mind blowing as she described it, but 1) the app component for it isn't out yet, and 2) the live performances have barely begun apart from her TV Spots. She's explained that it's all part of the experience. As for the album itself, I won't take away points for ifs and or buts, and I won't add points either. Did the album sound good to me? Yes. I feel my rating is justified. If people rated everything based on broken promises and ideas coming up a bit short, many albums and/or films would be panned. 
      She didn't try to sell it as high art. The other component, being pop, is clearly a factor here. You're forgetting that the album is a POP album. She still has to cater to specific audiences. She's not going to just pull a Kid A or a Trout Mask Replica out of thin air. 
      With you judging an album based on how the "era" is doing, on chart success and events like a manager leaving, it doesn't sound like it is me with the bias here. I've graduated with a BFA and honours and have written reviews for sites for years. But please do continue.

      • AndreasBabiolakis ChrisTanasoff Brilliant review and analysis. I don't think anyone should review an album, movie, book etc if they are just being bias.

        • perrypaige16 AndreasBabiolakis ChrisTanasoff 
          Thank you. I certainly don't, and if I like a pop album, which is contrary to my music tastes to begin with, I think that should say enough.

      • AndreasBabiolakis I love how you say "throwbacks and homages" Let's take the homage of the first track Aura for example: track that uses Infected Mushroom's Still Love Trance music.The electro duo has publicly stated that they feel embarrassed for the track. 
        Here's what they had to say about this "homage" - "So we decided to give her the melody, as long as we are signed under our private names. We felt embarrassment for our fans. But she refused, she wanted “Infected Mushroom” to be credited. So, we decided to go for it thinking it won’t make the cut or she’ll eventually change her mind."
        Another "homage" Venus: Venus is just bad! It’s the Frankenstein monster of the album: with the intro, the verses, the choruses, the bridge all embarrassingly sewn together. She did credit Sun ra but certainly not Zombie Zombie.
        You and I must have different definitions of "homage" 
        On another note, I'm sure we can both agree that the majority of her fans are teenagers. How many drug references are in the Album? 
        You also failed to mention that "DWUW" features an accused rapist, who only got off because the Jury could not identify which 13 year old girl it was that he raped, In 2013 we have lady gaga singing to an accused rapist about doing what he wants to her body. 
        Sure, these are not musical merits but certainly and ethical issue should come into play here. 
        I could go on, but there really would be no point would there? That BFA honours of yours would really show me a thing or two!

        • ChrisTanasoff AndreasBabiolakis 
          Oh yeah speaking of R Kelly, did you know a murderer produced an album of The Beatles? We can do that. We can go on about the many people here that are guilty in the industry but, again, I don't work by biases. I judge solely on how I like the music. Plain and simple. Chart numbers, dramatic events in life, etc, will NOT change how I view the album. I separate the music from the person. 
          You calling a song a Frankenstein of the album is your opinion (Frankenstein was the doctor, by the way, not the monster) but yes, let's look at what Infected Mushroom have said. Going back to The Beatles, John Lennon called Sgt. Peppers and many of the most beloved songs by The Beatles embarrassments. Not comparing Lady Gaga to The Beatles, but, again, it's opinion. Infected Mushroom hated it. You hate it. I liked it. 
          If we're going the "demographic" route and talking about her discussing drugs when she should "think about the teenagers", first of all, she's hardly the first musician to do this with said demographic (again, The Beatles, amongst countless others), but if you insist that an artist limits her artistic integrity when it comes to subject matter, you're basically going against what you asked for in the first place: Her to not be conventional. She WOULD be conventional and NOT go out of the box if she limited herself in such a way. Did she pull a lot of pop conventions here? Perhaps. She still experimented enough to have made an impact on me.
          I'd rather you didn't go on, because now it seems like you're just pulling any excuse to dislike this album. Here's a thought: Just hate it. Go on and hate it. My opinion shouldn't mean anything to you, not that it did anyways, and I've been asked to review because of my degree and because of my qualifications (that's where my BFA is showing you a thing or two). Apart from that, feel about the album the way you want.
          At this point, The Beatles are just as guilty as Lady Gaga in your opinion. If you hate something, hate it, but don't go on and on about why I should be wrong about it. Opinions are not facts. I clearly stated Lady Gaga is polarizing. Instead of getting me at the neck, or trying to, write your own review. Much more constructive!

        • AndreasBabiolakis I did know that. I'm unaware of the foundation that the Beatles founded that pledged to help young people. The music, involves an accused rapist singing about doing what he wants to lady gaga's body - I'm pretty sure that the irony qualifies for at least a mention, I mean the subject matter of the song IS about what he was accused of.
          Yes, we are going to demographic route because again, no other artist has a foundation they found that claims to help teenagers. Essentially she made an album with drug references while at the same time founding a youth foundation.  That's what is integrity limiting here. 
          Your opinion doesn't mean anything to me but at the end of the day YOU published this on a public forum. 
          If you make what you write public, you should expect people that will not agree with you to have their opinions. If you don't want that to happen, stay away from the internet.

        • ChrisTanasoff AndreasBabiolakis 
          Disagreement is one thing. Malicious attack is another. If you cannot form what you say without criticizing an opinion, something of which cannot change, then you are impossible to argue with. Henceforth, I won't reply, because this is evident that that's what is exactly happening.
          You can say R Kelly did it or he didn't do it, but the fact is he wasn't guilty in the end. The song may imply what he was initially charged with, but that's underneath many things the song can mean. You like interviews of hers, right? Remember the one where she discussed that the song is about her sacrificing her body to the pop industry while she takes a firm grip on her mind and her heart? You can draw conclusions on the song all you want. It ISN'T what he was accused of. It can be interpreted that way. Either way, you're basing it on two speculations that cannot be 100% confirmed. If that's how you see it, jolly good. It isn't how I see it, despite me seeing where you are coming from, so it isn't a part of the review.
          I did publish this on a public forum. I welcome people who disagree. I think it's barbaric if they attack solely on a firm hatred of a musician as opposed to a logical discussion. Your replies now are much better than before, I will admit, but do keep a firm, grounded stance as opposed to trying to lunge and jump to conclusions all of the time.

        • AndreasBabiolakis ChrisTanasoff besttttt review!!! anyway he is madonna stan on twitter, alway talks shit about gaga no matter what she does..just ignore him, stay pressed an poor.

        • ChrisTanasoff AndreasBabiolakis Actually Zombie Zombie are credited for the sample of their song in the official album notes. They are aware of the sample as well, obviously, and posted about it on their Facebook page.

          Your comments read like you haven't listened to the album, you've just read a bunch of (inaccurate) negative articles about everything surrounding it.

        • I'm sorry but what on here was a malicious attack? My comments about lady gagas album not coming together. Not once did I comment an attack against lady gaga personally or you personally. If you want an example of a malicious attack, look at the comments directed at me from the people that are giving you compliments. Those are the kind of people that are complimenting you, people that willingly attack others that have an opinion that doesn't agree with them.
          Hey here's an idea, why don't we ask some of your readers what your review means, why don't we ask them what "traveling from obscurity to realisation" means? - I would place money on a bet that they are simply reading your review and paying you compliments because you're one of the few people writing nice things about their fave at the moment while not even understanding the content of what you're saying.
          I can say R KELLY did it based on the fact the jurors believed he did it but got off because the girl refused to testify and they couldn't identify her. - that's what the jurors themselves said. So yes, I can and will say, he did it. I'll be sure to pass the fact that you're willing to over look it based on the fact he wasn't technically found guilty onto the 13 year old girl and her family because I highly doubt you would have the balls to say that to them if they ever commented.
          You don't welcome people who disagree at all, In fact you couldn't take my criticism of the album (not her as a person) you call it barbaric yet you have no problem with all of the gaga fans coming on here and ACTUALLY attacking my character.
          It's not unreasonable to say that there are too many drug references in an album.
          It's not unreasonable to judge a song in 2013 where a woman asks a man to do what he wants with her body (an accused rapist at that)
          It's not unreasonable to say the song that she produced herself (which she has no experience in doing) is sloppy.
          My criticisms have been accurate, in many cases have been based on what the people she's sampling from have said themselves AND that have been ethical - you didn't like it, so all of a sudden it becomes barbaric and you have this moral opposition to barbaric comments unless of course it's directed at me.
          I also love how people on here have called me a "pressed Madonna fan" since when did I mention Madonna? Like lady gaga and her "creative team", her fans must have Madonna on their minds 24/7. My criticisms came from a musical and ethical place.
          Before the album was released she promised something revolutionary, that hasn't happened. She promised something "new" that hasn't happened. She calls herself the greatest singer and song writer of our time and hypes up this album as high art, and she failed to deliver.
          The album wouldn't be so bad if she hadn't sold to everyone as the next greatest thing.
          FYI "frankensteins monster" is a common phrase and she did sell it as high art when she proclaimed her work to be foie gras and everyone else to be French fries.
          Look at me, such a hater... Reviewing her work to a standard that she set herself!

        • AndreasBabiolakis ChrisTanasoff Hey man, don't listen to this guy. This guy runs a Lady Gaga hate site called Paws Down Little Monsters and devotes hours every day scouring the web for anything positive or semi-positive, like this review, to bash because he cannot stand when people actually like Gaga. You did great and really dove into each song and album itself, unlike most reviewers who seem to listen to a song, write their opinion, and move on. Great work!

        • I don't run paws down babe. I've written 2 items for them.
          And look at you judging others, don't make me go to your twitter account and find where you've called others "fat" and told people to kill themselves. Funny, how when someone writes something positive they do a great job but when someone says something negative it's "they waste all their time blah blah blah"
          Yeah sure, it's me that can't take it. LOL

        • You're right it clearly does. But do you think because she credits someone, it takes away her lack of creativity?
          She's STILL using other people's work. May I also remind you, they had to publicly speak up in order to get credited.

        • ChrisTanasoff You were proven wrong so you make up another excuse. Sampling does not indicate a "lack of creativity". You must be ignoring the 40+ other songs she has that do not sample and were written by her. Additionally, logic and common sense tells us the booklets were printed weeks ago in order for them to be ready for shipment, and Zombie Zombie didn't speak up until after Venus was released, obviously. 
          Continue being upset that you were dragged to Hell and back by the author and your lack of pop culture knowledge was exposed. Like the reviewer said, keep pulling things out of your ass in a desperate attempt to try and change people's minds. This review is good. Read it again and again and again and then cry about it some more. It's not gonna change.
          And yes, because Lady Gaga is the only person to ever sample a song. Ever. Just like Madonna never sampled a song and was never sued for plagiarism. Oh wait, she was, but let's ignore that because it only applies to Lady Gaga.
          Now excuse me while I read this great review again because I enjoyed it so much. And much like the author, I'm going to ignore further comments considering you are beyond psychotic and delusional. Have a good day and I hope one day you grow up and realize that your efforts have done nothing for you in the real world. At least the author of this review has a degree. Wish I could say the same about you.

        • I have a double degree you poor thing. I didn't mention it earlier because I don't believe ones education makes an opinion more valid.
          We are talking about THIS album you poor uneducated teen. THIS album contains more of other people's work than it does her own, hence the creatively limited comment.
          You can attack me and my credibility all you won't, it won't make this disaster of an album any better. It won't help it's first week sales projected at 300k, which proves she's officially on a decline.
          You've replied to comments AFTER this and you call me delusional.

        • Paws down lil monsters is the best site out there it speaks the truth with actual facts unlike you little creatures who made up a ridiculous lie on how lady trash sold out on itunes how funny

        • AndreasBabiolakis ChrisTanasoff

          The album is unchallenging, incoherent, unimaginative, and superficial. I expected more. 
          The album is unchallenging, incoherent, unimaginative, and superficial. I expected more. The entire album feels forced and commercial-with little valuable content and lacking any sense of purpose, mind-invoking or direction. With efforts like these, Gaga will you please take a break and stop wasting everyone's time. It is simply Born This Way II.
          Lyrically uninspiring, rife with pseudo complexity, unintelligent, uncomfortable flow, despite what people are saying very little thought, if any went into lyrics composition and structure. The only redeeming quality on a track or two was Artpop the title track, G.U.Y and Manicure and even that should have been released by someone else like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, One Direction or Ke$ha. 
          As a "musician" you should be more demanding of the people that you work with, Gaga. I would give the same amount of money as DJ White Shadow in effort with this piece of crap- ZERO.
          8.8 out of 10 ?? Come on...please. You might wanna rethink your review musical ability.

        • AndreasBabiolakis ChrisTanasoff

          is what happens when you come gunning for legend status early in the
          game. Gaga acts like she's some sort of artistic, pop prophet when in
          actuality she's just expediting her downfall. It took Madonna about a
          decade before people started to really turn on her with the whole
          Erotica thing. This is because, as arrogant as she was, Madonna was also
          a brilliant tactician and always came into the game with guns blazing.
          Gaga wants you to buy her vulnerability, she plays victim a lot, and
          she's extremely self-indulgent- all very clearly evidenced by her feud
          with Perez Hilton wherein she accused him of stalking her. Now crying on stage for sympathy sales? Puhhhleeze.

          Gaga wrote too many checks with her mouth that her ass can never catch. Sad....

        • Lady Mehgaga AndreasBabiolakis Really defending Perez Hilton? Perez Hilton is a fame hungry pig that latches on to the new"it" girl.

        • Lady Mehgaga AndreasBabiolakis Lmao. You Madonna stans would really benefit from some fresh air. Being sued and winning =/= being sued and losing. Your fave would know.

        • RockBot Lady Mehgaga AndreasBabiolakis Funny, no one here that you claim to be a "Madonna" stan has mentioned her name. It's all you gaga fans that have anonymous screen names that mention her.

        • I said I wouldn't reply, and I won't to many things here because they're clearly based on disagreeing opinions so there isn't any point anymore.
          What I will say is I don't support anyone being attacked, not even you. I think these fan wars that may or may not be going on are absolutely pathetic. To dislike something is one thing. To dislike it and just continuously bash it based on "what team" you are on is an embarrassment. 
          That's all I will say. I don't agree with petty attacking of any sort, even if it's directed towards you.

        • AndreasBabiolakis FYI: I don't run a "hate" blog. I have contributed to paws down once or twice and it hasn't even been recent. 
          They, lie to make me seem less credible and themselves seem more. I think it's fair to say that it's not a good idea to agree with the insults of anonymous gaga fans who do nothing all day but sit around on twitter and attack others.
          You don't have to take my word for it, each user in this threat has a link to their twitter, you can go and check the delusional hate yourself, if you feel like it.
          All you will see on my twitter TL however, is the hate campaign people that have seen my comments have started. "shade chris tanasoff"
          But whatever, hate is synonymous with gaga fans and anyone that speaks out about it, gets used to their responses.

        • ChrisTanasoff
           "My criticisms have been accurate, in many cases have been based on what
          the people she's sampling from have said themselves AND that have been
          ethical - you didn't like it, so all of a sudden it becomes barbaric and
          you have this moral opposition to barbaric comments unless of course
          it's directed at me."
          Here you are repeating the same false report about improper clearing of samples, after I already told you that the Zombie Zombie sample was credited with the band's permission.
          If you don't believe me, its in the album booklet.

        • Darling, here I am referring to the fact INFECTED mushroom are embarrassed for their fans and find the finished product CHEAP.
          In this comment, I'm referring to my criticism on "aura" if you read what I wrote originally you will see I quoted infected mushroom.
          It was in response to the author referring to the track as a homage.
          Infected mushroom did not want her to even use their stage name, they were so embarrassed they asked her to use their private names but she refused. Homage? I think not.
          Now, I have already acknolwsged that you are infact correct, she did credit zombie zombie after they publicaly asked for it, but as I said that doesn't give her back creativity, at the end of the day the album draws more from other people's work than it does her own.
          That is a joke coming from the woman who describes herself as one of the getaway song writers of our time. It's a joke coming from the woman that deacribes her work as foie gras and everyone else and French fries.
          I don't see why it's so hard to accept that she failed to deliver her over hyped promises

        • ChrisTanasoff  
           "Now, I have already acknolwsged that you are infact correct, she did
          credit zombie zombie after they publicaly asked for it, but as I said
          that doesn't give her back creativity, at the end of the day the album
          draws more from other people's work than it does her own."
          That's still wrong. They mentioned her song on Facebook with an image, and some people misinterpreted it as them accusing her of stealing.  They never actually accused her, and they acknowledged that it was an agreed upon sample later.
          Sampling three words from them doesn't mean she draws more from other people's work than her own. Like, she wrote more than 3 words in the song so objectively the song is more her own work. Are you against all sampling, or just when she does it?

          When did she say that about foie gras? What is a "getaway writer"?

          Apart from disliking "little monsters", what motivates you to have such a strong degree of bias against a stranger?

    • And you're obviously a pathetic hater who likes to make false accusations about Gaga's music that makes her look bad. LOSER

  • Seriously I know it's been said already, but you did an amazing job with this review. Nowadays I see either overly positive fan reviews or extremely hateful reviews that just attack the artist instead of actually looking over the music. I really hope you end up working for a major music publication like say a Rolling Stone because they could really use your talent.

    • DalontriusMcDaniel 
      Thank you very much! Look I have nothing against people disagreeing with me, but it's as you said. Things have to be civilized. I don't know how much I showed of that on my end unfortunately!
      Writing for Rolling Stone would be pretty cool haha. I appreciate that a lot! Thanks again.

  • Wow, what a tremendous review. You not only got what Gaga was trying to do but you seem to appreciate it as well. So many reviewers these days don't seem to look past the surface of a song. I can't tell you how many "professional reviews" I've read that are one or two sentences about each song and then a letter grade. This really dives into every facet of the album and I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for taking your time to listen and review!

  • GaGa fans, so delusional, they can't get past the fact this album is pathetic and full of more copied stuff and complete crap. Stop trying to cling onto shit that is not there, she is dead, her career is dead, her music is not true artistry, it's flat out garbage. GaGA and her fans are delusional morons

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