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Frank Turner at Sound Academy – December 3, 2013

Written by Kylee-Winn Thurrott 

Headliner Frank Turner took the stage with a speed of energy after July Talk.  He hopped across, as the audience sang along to every lyric.  He said it was show number 1010 and poured out his love for our city.  At first he seemed a little awkward on stage without a guitar, to which he explained how the doctor told him to cancel all dates before Christmas or his back injury will get worst.  His response was to keep going, but without a guitar.  It was clear that everyone was there for Mr. Turner.  He kept up high energy throughout the show and the crowd ate it up.  He didn’t disappoint and even though his back may pay for it later, it was worth it!

Neil Van

Concert Photographer at Live in Limbo. Veggie running, musically inclined, photographer. The end.

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