San Sebastian @ Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, May 22, 2010

The quintet took the stage at the Horseshoe Tavern and singer Mike Veerman called on the crowd to move up closer to the stage. There was no shortage of love between Mike and the crowd, he is quite comfortable being right in the mix of things and at one point jumped onto the Horseshoe Tavern floor. The band played a short set of catchy songs including their “Wake Up” which is currently available on iTunes, “Young Youth”, “Let You Down” as well as a great cover of Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up”.

San Sebastian were definitely a lot of fun to watch. The band plans to release an album in August and they’ll be playing a few shows locally: Sound of Music Festival (Burlington), The Opera House in June and St. Catherines S.C.E.N.E music festival.


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