Gear Review: Black Rapid RS-7

Recently, I was able to try out something that is the solution to my long problem in photography, the neck strap that comes with your DSLR. As a concert and event photographer, especially for long gigs such as music festivals, I found it incredibly annoying and non-ergonomic to use the default camera strap that comes with your DSLR. Simply, they hurt your neck or your shoulders and makes you bend your back in ways it shouldn't be positioned.

Enter the BlackRapid RS-7. This revolutionary camera strap is for a single body that is curved to fit comfortably over your shoulder and on your chest. The RS-7 is unique in that it gives the photographer easy and fast access to the camera from its resting position by your side and slightly behind you. This allows you the benefit of having both hands free and at the same time, makes sure that no one bumps into your camera when it is it normally in front of you. Also, the RS-7 is unique in that it is tight and adjustable to your body so that you feel balanced at all times.

The RS-7 has some special gizmos that make this my camera strap of choice. It come with the “strap locks” in which you can lock your camera into place at your side when you know that you won’t be shooting anything at the moment. The “fasten-R” allows you to connect and remove the RS-7 from your camera with ease and speed. This connection can be used on the camera body it self or a telephoto lens such as a 70-200 mm f2.8.

Additionally, you can attach extra “mods” to your BlackRapid straps such as the JOEY J-2 which allows you to store a mid-to-large sized smartphone near to your chest for easy access and reassured feelings for vibrations from calls or texts.

The build quality of the BlackRapid RS-7 is second to none. It is made of some awesome material called Ballistic nylon which can withstand shrapnel. In conclusion, It is made for professional photographers who are on tough and action packed assignments.

blackrapid rs7

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