PlayStation Vita Launch in Toronto – 02/17/12

Yesterday was the official launch date of Sony’s brand new portable gaming system, the PS Vita, which will be on store shelves February 22, 2012.

The PS Vita boasts an absolutely gorgeous 5” OLED multitouch screen which is impressively vibrant, colorful, sharp and fluid. I for one could not notice any significant lag. The new portable console also hosts many technological feats such as six-axis motion sensors, dual analog control sticks, front and gear cameras with built in microphones and some never seen in the consumer market before such as an intuitive rear multiouch pad located directly on the back of the device. Being marketed as a portable gaming system, the PS Vita has wi-fi and bluetooth capabilities so that you can game wirelessly with friends and competition from around the world as well as download updates and new content for your games. If you are an online socialite like myself, you will be able to enjoy access to apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Foursquare and the list goes on. Sony has decided to ditch the old Universal media discs (UMD) used in the original PSP and opt for a more convenient, smaller and faster memory stick dubbed the “PlayStation Vita Card”, which range from 4GB to 32GB, that PS Vita games will be sold in retail stores on.

PS vita toronto

From my experience playing with the Vita and many of the launch titles, I can tell you that Uncharted: Golden Abyss is the must have game on release date. Naughty Dog and Sony have really outdone themselves this time as bringing such an epic title in such a well done fashion to a portable system truly requires epic balls. This isn’t just a port of the PS3 titles, but Nathan Drake has a brand new and unique adventure in which he travels through South America. Other titles I really enjoyed on the PS Vita included ModNation racers: Road and FIFA ’12.

With it’s brilliant graphics and plethora of cutting edge technology all bundled into one handheld device, the PS Vita lives up to it’s slogan “never stop playing”.

The above is an interview we got with Jey of Ubisoft regarding their strategies and thoughts when creating games and future titles for the PS Vita.

PS vita toronto

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