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Mindil Beach Markets – It Might Take Long

Written by Kylee Winn-Thurrott

BC Band, Mindil Beach Markets released their second full-length album “It Might Take Long” on March 5th, 2013.

MBM makes up of five childhood friends; Matt, Rod, Cam, Pat and DK, all from the Sunshine Coast. Their first album was a mixed bag of rock, reggae, and hints of rap. For the past few years MBM have found success from touring nonstop in BC and handing out thousands of free CDs.

“It Might Take Long” contains the same diversity they’re known for, but all while demonstrating that they’ve grown as artists. They brought a more “rocker” sound with songs like “Smoking Gun”, “With Words”, and “She’s A Vampire”. They keep you on your toes throughout the album, catering to each genre they’re known for. “The Bottle Episode” is the only song on the album that surprises you by being fully instrumental. I found that MBM showed their new found maturity level mostly on the last track which also shares the album title.

Overall, this is a perfect example of familiarity from a band you love and them showcasing the perfect amount of growth needed for a sophomore album. If anything, this album just made me more excited for the great things to come from Mindil Beach Markets.

Currently you can find them on their first ever cross Canada tour.

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