Virtual Vogue: The Apple Watch

Throughout my years in the fashion industry, the concept of a breakthrough design that would incorporate luxury into mainstream gadgets and technology was always a topic of discussion. There are many products available that feature advanced technological innovation but few are considered exclusive.  Apple has finally introduced a product to the world that is not only exclusive, luxurious, advanced and technologically innovative but also extremely fashionable. The Apple Watch has set the bar high for innovators in technology as well as fashion.

I am not a regular supporter of Apple products; I consider the visual aesthetics of their products highly desirable but find the overall performance in comparison to the price to be extremely overrated.  Upon hearing rumors of an “iWatch” being in progress, I immediately assumed that it would be an additional item used as an attachment. I expected it to be similar to the Galaxy Gear but with a clean, minimal design, I never thought that it would be such an outstanding item through a fashion perspective.  The details, materials and visual design of the product are so flawless that I would consider purchasing it as a regular watch. Before the official announcement of the product, the rumor was that many fashion icons such as popular designers were hired and are collaborating with Apple. Now that the product has been revealed, there is no doubt that the rumors were true.

One of the most fascinating features of this product is the wide range of styles that are available. The designers went above and beyond in creating watches that reflect various trends and preferences. There are three main categories for this product and within each category there are various styles and designs.  Although some styles have a very modern and futuristic essence, the watches resemble tasteful accessories, not the high-tech products that we usually get from Apple.  There is also an apparent emphasis on craftsmanship with the innovative design straps and closures. The simple adjustment of straps allows the consumer to adjust the watch based on the look and style that they. The collection is truly designed to provide an option for even the pickiest consumer.

When looking at the Apple Watch, it seems like Apple created a striking collection of watches and then proceeded to incorporate technology into the design. The three collections are: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. The basic collection is targeted towards consumers that would use the watch on a regular basis. The body is made of steel that is available in a silver or black colour and the straps maintain a crisp and professional look. There is a balance between classic and modern trends in this collection and it is clear that great thought was put into ways of making traditional items such as the Milanese loop modern and convenient.

The sport collection is exactly what I envisioned the Apple Watch to look like.  It’s simple, light, durable, futuristic and minimal but comes in a wide range of bright colours. This collection is being promoted as the practical choice, made 30 percent lighter than the steel but much stronger and robust. This product will attract people with active lifestyles specifically those who also reflect that lifestyle in their fashion statements. There are still many design features that make this collection innovative through a fashion perspective. The band is meant to be more flexible than similar watch straps which will improve its appearance on the wrist and the process used to colour the bands has resulted in exceptionally vibrant hues.

The Edition collection of Apple Watches is what really elevates this product and make room for the Apple watch in the fashion industry. This collection is made of 18 kt gold with leather bands and engineered closures. Consumers could use this watch as a fashion accessory and wear it on formal occasions.

The Apple Watch is a product that will shift trends in the fashion industry as well as technology. There will be a wave of new products made to resemble them and new markets will emerge that provide add-ons such as cases, protectors, and straps.  The collaboration between Apple and fashion specialists resulted in the creation of a product that is truly unique and the success of the product will definitely result in more creative collaborations and exclusive products.

About author

Padina Bondar is a graduate of Ryerson University with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. She places an emphasis on craftsmanship and detail along with traditional/historic methods of construction. She has experience with a wide range of customers, providing services in design, illustration, construction, pattern drafting, styling and costuming.