Evil Dead The Musical at Hamilton Place

Written by Darlene Altmann & Photographs by Ray Williams.

I was super excited to review” Evil Dead The Musical” at Hamilton Place on Oct 29th!  What better way to put you in the Halloween spirit!  Evil Dead the Musical is based on the 1981 horror cult classic of the same name.  This Musical focuses on five happy go lucky college students who go up to an isolated cabin in the woods in which they break in!  Of course they have numerous signs that they should turn around, but they don’t!  

Once in the cabin, a trapdoor to the cellar mysteriously opens up and of course the curious students investigate and the real fun begins!  They find the Naturon Demonto, otherwise known as “The Book Of The Dead,” and also a tape recording of incantations which summons evil spirits!

True fans sat in the “splatter zone, “designated to only Evil Dead fanatics who were anxiously awaiting to get drenched in blood!  Luckily I was sitting in the safe zone!  Some audience members were wearing rain gear in anticipation of what they knew was coming!

If you love a cheesy, gory, horror with dancing zombies and some witty comedy all mixed into one,  then go see “ Evil Dead The Musical” and have a bloody good time!  They have just announced 13 encore performances from Oct 31 to Nov 9th!   Hurry up and catch it before it leaves!

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