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The Ting Tings at The Mod Club

Photographs by Fernando Paiz,

After a brief hiatus, The Ting Tings is back – bolder and better than ever!  The exceedingly talented English duo kicked off their North American tour last night at the Virgin Mod Club.  The tour is in support of their disco-infused third album, Super Critical. Wildly known for their stage antics, Kate White and Jules De Martino proved they’ve still got it after being away for two years.

For just two people, The Ting Tings never fail to blow concertgoers minds. They began the evening with “Wrong Club” and “Shut Up and Let Me Go” which displayed their funky guitar riffs and dance-worthy beats. The band’s spunky attitude gave them an opportunity to glam up their live show. And, it didn’t take long for the audience to respond to their colossal dance pop sound. The melodies are so catchy you might find yourself singing along before the last note plays.

White and De Martino contained a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm throughout the night. The audience loved watching the duo alternate between several different instruments – all without missing a beat!  As they performed tracks from Super Critical, it sounds like the songs were to be played live. Tracks such as “Only Love” and “Communication” seemed like a nod to the 70’s disco nightlife. Also the duo’s chemistry was evident. White and De Martino harmonization harness a sound that only exists for them. Overall, the tag team action created a seamless and entertaining show for everyone in attendance. 

Their set was short for a headlining act, however; they played all the favourites including their 2007 hit single “That’s Not My Name”- the song everyone was anticipating to hear. For their two-song encore, The Ting Tings performed “Do It Again” and “Hands” which erupted into an intense jam session with mood-enhancing LED lights.

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