Contra Zoom

3: Mr. Burns a Post Electric Play

This week Dakota Arsenault and Andreas Babiolakis turn the tables a bit regarding subject matter and discuss a play called Mr. Burns a Post Electric Play (you’ve probably seen the posters all around subway stations). Instead of just talking about the play the guys discuss methods of telling stories and how telling tales is a human ritual. Dakota also interviews co-director Mitchell Cushman and actor Sebastien Heins and plays a bit of trivia with them.

– Mr. Burns a Post Electric play is running until June 7th and tickets can be purchased here

– Dakota’s review of Mr. Burns

– Outside the March has a history of site-specific shows and you should learn more about the group

– Sebastien Heins’ Facebook page

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Music Editor at Live in Limbo and Host of Contra Zoom podcast. Dakota is a graduate of Humber College's Acting for Film and Television. He now specializes in knowing all random trivia. He writes about music, sports and film. Dakota's life goal is visit all baseball stadiums, he's at 7.