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Mikky Ekko with Transviolet at The Mod Club

Photographs by Dawn Hamilton.

Mikky Ekko got up close and personal with his Toronto fans at The Mod Club on Saturday, October 17. You might think you don’t know who Mikky Ekko is but unless you were living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ve heard of him before. He blew up rather quickly when he co-wrote and was featured on Rihanna’s 2013 single “Stay”. Since then Ekko has performed at the Grammys, was the opening act for artists such as Kimbra and Alt-J, and released his first studio album called Time. Now, he’s currently on a world tour supporting his debut, and letting the world watch him rise.

Ekko has proven to be a swoon-worthy artist.  He greets the crowd with such positivity and grace as they all cheered upon his arrival. He opened with “Burning Doves” and “Riot” which is his brand of serene yet upbeat and powerful indie pop ballads. A chunk of his set was songs from Time but he manages to sneak in few gems from his earlier days (“Pull Me Down” and “Disappear”). He is such a natural performer. Watching him, you could tell he was made for this. Ekko’s live band brings a lot to his performance as well.  Their strong instrumental presence gives Ekko’s songs a colourful edge.

Ekko is at his most venerable during his encore. He decided to perform “Stay” which you feel the tranquility from the audience as they listen to Ekko softly sing with a sweet smile across his face.  He ended with his hit single, “Smile” which is clearly a fan-favourite as the audience’s voice took centre stage in the finale. Although the show was short, you get a taste of what an incredible artist Mikky Ekko is. 

Opening for Ekko was the bewitchingly good Transviolet. If you’re a fan of Lana Del Rey and Halsey then you should give this band your undivided attention. The LA based quartet burst onto the stage with their brooding, electronic laced tracks from their self-titled EP.  They present a dark, haunting vibe that the crowd seemed to love.  They closed out with their first hit, “Girls Your Age”.

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