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Matthew Good with Scott Helman at the Danforth Music Hall

Scott Helman opened the Matthew Good show at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto on Friday night and the crowd ate him up.  What’s not to love about Scott he has a great voice, he is witty and an absolute cutie pie. Even during his 30 minute set he mentioned that he looks like he is twelve years old and he does.  I had the opportunity to shoot Scott a couple times and I remember this summer he mentioned that he was touring in the States and he wasn’t old enough to drink there yet.  Scott tried to involve the crowd in his performance and they were very receptive.  

Nearing the end of his set Scott said that he would be at the merch table for a meet and greet.  He told the crowd to buy one of his CD’s for someone you like for Christmas or for someone you don’t like either way.  The crowd found this comment quite amusing.  I see big things for this talented young man and am looking forward to seeing what lies in his future.

In a dimly lit Danforth Music Hall Matthew Good‘s voice filled the room with ease.  Playing night two of a three night engagement at The Danforth, I can now see why there was three nights needed.  The room was filled to capacity. 

Matt of course played “Alert Status Red”, and my favourite “Load Me Up”.  During “All Your Sons and Daughters” he jumped off the stage and into the crowd and sang the majority of the song there.  The audience loved every second of this.  When Matt finally got out of the crowd he said “I need a ramp for this, this climbing shit sucks”. 

Matthew told us that he doesn’t normally drink and one night he decided to have a sip of something, well much to his surprise in the cup was bourbon.  The crowd got quite a chuckle out of this story.

I did notice that Matthew liked coming to the edge of the stage when he wasn’t behind the microphone.  Trying to make everyone feel included and as close as possible to him. There was quite a few people in the front row who sang every lyric to every song. 

This was my first time seeing Matthew Good and it won’t be my last.  

Once again thanks to the crew because without them there is no show. 

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