Best Music Of 2015 Staff Picks – Andreas Babiolakis

How long have you been with Live in Limbo and what do you do for the site?

Film Editor and music writer for 3 years

What were your three favourite albums of 2015?

1. Sufjan Stevens-Carrie and Lowell 

An emotional dive into human sorrow, grievance and agony unlike any album I’ve heard in years.

2. Kendrick Lamar-To Pimp a Butterfly 

An essential album politically, socially and within hip hop as a means of projection.

3. D’Angelo-Black Messiah

A radiant funk rock slam that is as loving as it is bold.

Most underrated album

U.S. Girls-Half Free

A well constructed time capsule, Half Free is blessed by pop culture’s past but aware of our societal constructs now.

What were your three favourite songs of 2015?

1. Jamie XX-Loud Places

A beautiful blend of all types of electronic genres that melt into one another and create the perfect tear jerking dance number.

2. Tame Impala-Let it Happen 

A coasting journey within one’s self awareness,  Let it Happen arrives in a different place than it starts and all of it is magical.

3. Grimes-FleshWithout Blood

A gung-ho pop song that spins the right formula on its head, creating a twisted dance tune.

How many concerts and/or festivals did you go to in 2015?

Not sure off hand but not nearly as many as Sarah Rix!

What were your three favourite concerts of the year?

1. Kendrick Lamar @ Wayhome July 25

If anyone knows how to put on a crazy show, it’s Kendrick Lamar with an electric live band, insane enthusiasm and songs that translate into lightening live.

2. Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ The Danforth September 26

What beautiful noise. The entire event was unlike any concert I’ve been to because it wasn’t a show: It was everyone frozen in time at once experiencing life’s highs and lows through orchestrated cacophony.

3. Deafheaven and Cold Cave @ Adelaide Hall June 20th

Industrial + extreme metal in a small area in the deepest depths of the night = total fucking insanity. Too bad I missed Fucked Up at 2 am otherwise this may have been even higher.

What was your favourite festival of the year?


Who was your favourite festival headliner?

Kendrick Lamar

Which artist or band won 2015?

Kendrick Lamar

What/who was the biggest musical disappointment for you?

Belle and Sebastian’s Girls In Peacetime Just Want to Dance. What happened?!

In your opinion, what was the biggest music story?

The unfortunate paris attacks and how the music community responded: From bands purpousfully going back to play there to U2 deciding to finally go back and perform with an appearance from Eagles of Death Metal.

What was your favourite new musical discovery of 2015?

U.S. Girls

Who should we be looking out for in 2016?

Radiohead, Animal Collective, Kanye West, and hopefully Chromatics (still waiting on Dear Tommy)

Who do you hope goes on tour next year?

D’Angelo, Chromatics, Radiohead and Björk (well, she needs to stop past Toronto soon)

Who’s going to be headlining (or at least playing) all the 2016 festivals?

Radiohead, Kanye, Adele

Is there anything else you want to say about 2015 or predict about 2016?

It was a much stronger year than 2014

Predictions of 2016? With some potential albums we’re still waiting on, 2016 will either slay us or keep us hanging a bit too long for our liking. 

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