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Matt Corby with Megan Bonnell at the Phoenix Concert Theatre

Photographs by Sue Sadzak.

It took a good few minutes to calm down the crowd over the excitement of Matt Corby entering the stage this past Friday, at Phoenix Concert Theatre.

Opener Megan Bonnell put on a lovely set. She had such a calming vibe about her, and I really admired her chill and organic sound. She is from Toronto, so I will definitely be keeping an eye on her.

Corby was cool and composed, and remained with this attitude throughout the whole show. 

Lighting was pretty general, which kept it pretty raw. It was done in a way that kept their faces and bodies looking very shadowed and low lit however, lighting was brighter on the outline of them. This is something I haven’t seen before, and I thought it was pretty cool. 

Throughout the entire show, the piano was used very beautifully and it had a distinct sound, going along with this unbelievably amazing voice. Some would compare him to Vance Joy, but I have to say that his voice is way beyond that.

The performance of “Runaway” was pretty disappointing for me. From continuously listening to the Live Version from the “Live on The Resolution Tour” album, I was expecting something so much more. He slowed down the tempo, and at first I thought this was a long introduction into the song itself but then it just kind of ended. I was expecting that to be a Goosebumps/tears in eyes performance but I can honestly say, unfortunately it wasn’t. I’m not bashing Corby here, but I’m saying man you shouldn’t have messed with it. 

A great deal of the show consisted of his newer material, which was cool because I didn’t really know what to expect. His newer material definitely has a more contemporary/jazz kind of feel, and it doesn’t sound as “innocent”. They have a cooler kind of vibe to them, and I like to see artists switch up their style.

I’m not a fan of his song “Trick of The Light” but damn, that was a good build up. I think Corby’s biggest strength aside from his voice, is having astonishing introductions, buildups, and endings to all of his songs.

I enjoyed the incorporation of the flute, that’s not something you see at many shows. Overall I think he has a really well rounded and talented band.

A note to Phoenix: They should really put a “Watch Your Step” sign at the back of the building towards the bar/women’s washroom. I watched far too many people trip up the lift, entertaining for me – yes. Safe for others, no. Legitimately, it is a safety hazard.

Overall, a chill show, but it could’ve been longer. It was only 12 songs, no encore. On my way out I heard constant murmurs questioning and complaining on the length of the show. Matt Corby is an extremely talented and under-rated artist, and I think he’ll climb his way up the ladder within time.

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