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Milk & Bone with Language Arts at Lee’s Palace

Montreal based songstress duo Laurence Lafond-Beaulne and Camille Poliquin from Milk and Bone performed to a packed house at Lee’s Palace earlier this week. The Juno nominated performers played songs from their debut album which was released in March 2015 called Little Mourning.

The pair do not have a back-up band. Two keyboards, two trigger/sampler machines and a ukulele was the extent of their equipment. Their interesting mix of synth-pop combined with their pristine harmonizing vocals made for a relaxing ear pleasing evening.

Interviewing these lovely ladies earlier in the day, they possessed an incredible aura of happiness, lighthearted humor and comradery. This seemed to have transformed when they started their set, totally in the moment, emanating soul in their performance.

Supporting act for the evening was Toronto based indie pop band Language Arts. 

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