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Monster Truck with Temperance Movement at The Phoenix Concert Theatre

Canadian Rock band Monster Truck rolled into Toronto for two back to back sold out shows recently at the Phoenix Concert Theatre

This Juno Award winning band is currently on tour promoting their second studio album entitled Sittin’ Heavy, which was released February 19, 2016.

They played an array of song from their entire discography, going as far back as The Brown EP (2011).

This was my first experience seeing them perform live. I can easily understand how they were able to sell out two nights with ease.  Monster Truck had a kick ass set, heavy and bold sounding guitars, with their distinctive vocals.  They were just as tight live as recorded. 

Guitarist Jeremy Widerman, when not singing back- up vocals was taking full advantage of the entire stage. It was as if the crowds energy fueled their performance. I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t expecting as many crowd surfers as there was that night. Being sardined at the back of the venue, trying to watch the show, it was bumpy at times with people dancing and waving their arms.  

Crowd participation was felt throughout the night, but especially with the songs The Lion and Sweet Mountain River. 

Monster Truck showed their appreciation, thanking the audience for their ongoing support. 

Monster Truck has just wrapped up their Canadian leg of the tour. They will be touring extensively in 2016, crossing over to Europe and the USA.  

If you have the opportunity to check them out, I would highly recommend it. 

The Temperance Movement, a UK rock blues band opened the evening with an energetic set. 

Set list:

  1. Don’t Tell Me How to Live
  2. Why Are You Not Rocking?
  3. Old Train
  4. She’s a Witch
  5. For the People
  6. Things Get Better
  7. The Enforcer
  8. Sworded Beest
  9. Black Forest
  10. Seven Seas Blues
  11. Another Man’s Shoes
  12. The Giant
  13. To the Flame
  14. New Soul
  15. Runnin’
  16. Call it a Spade
  17. Righteous Smoke
  18. The Lion
  19. For the Sun
  20. Sweet Mountain River
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