GIG at the Panasonic Theatre

Having seen many musical acts over the years I checked my expectations at the door and sat back and enjoy a comical glimpse into the music industry. This time I got to see the musical GIG at the Panasonic Theatre in Toronto.

This “tongue in cheek” musical managed to make fun of just about everyone in the music business, the industry can be a cruel and a heartless business to be in, but they managed to make fun of “the diva”, “the rockstar”, “the agents”, and yes, even the media which I whole heartedly laughed at.  

Right from the beginning of the show audience participation was mandatory, the ensemble cast walked up the isles and took selfies with audience members, and the crowd played along.  Normally during shows it is frowned upon using your cell phones but during this show it was encouraged, which is a refreshing change from the norm.  The MC had us all waving our hands in the air and singing along with them.  The audience loved every second of the interaction, even during the intermission the cast came off stage to meet and take pics with anyone who wanted one. They brought a young girl on stage to take a picture with the whole cast which I thought was incredibly nice.  

I think one of my favourite parts of GIG is when a “groupie” (Lexi Soha) stood at the front of the stage while Jason “The Rockstar” (Nick Walsh) was singing.  She of course wanted the show to stop so she could take a selfie with the “rockstar”,  I have seen this actually happen time and time again at concerts and it makes me laugh every time, so to see it made light of was particularly funny for me. 

The ensemble and on stage band managed to keep the show moving.  There was not one spot in the production where there was a lull.  The music was lively and the ensemble cast was fairly busy while they performed, sang, danced as well as moved sets around. They had their hands full but managed to pull it off. 

GIG is at the Panasonic Theatre for a limited run, if you are looking for something to do during March break with your children this PG show is something to consider. This show runs from March 15-20.

Once again thanks to the crew because without them there is no show.

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