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“Have I Always Loved You?” by Copeland

Copeland is an Indie band from Lakeland,FL. This week, I have chosen their opening song “Have I Always Loved You?” from their most recent album, “Ixora Twin”. Band members include Aaron Marsh, Bryan Laurenson, Stephen Laurenson,  and Jon Bucklew.

The band released “Ixora Twin” with Tooth & Nail Records is an independent recordlabel in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 1933 by Brandon Ebel in California, but is now re-located in Washington.

This song had a very intricate and personal vibe to it, and it feels very delicate. Throughout most of the song, instrumentals mainly feature just a soft piano melody with some harp. I really admire the fact that for majority of the time it is just a simple piano melody, sometimes the simpler the better. I think that the vocals are so emotional and the lyrics speak for so much already, and it does not necessarily need any complex instrumentals, because the simplicity of this song is what makes it as beautiful as it is. 

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