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Headbanging in The Mirror – Ducktails

Ducktails is an American Psychedelic Pop band. They got together in 2006, and originate in New Jersey. Originally, it became a pretty rad band including Josh da Costa, Malcolm Perkins, and Ross Chait. The band is associated with two different labels: Domino, and Woodsist. Domino is a UK based indie record label but, it also has a wing of it located in Brooklyn, New York. As for Woodsist, it is an American independent record label founded by Jeremy Earl of the band, Woods.

I chose their song “Headbanging in The Mirror”. This track was released on May 5th,2015 with their album “St.Catharine”. This is a pretty chill and calming song, and what I like most about it would be the defined riff that is followed by the chorus, that’s what really does it for me with this song. This song is perfect for relaxing after a long day or night. I believe it has a touch of psychedelic to it, but it doesn’t overpower the song; I would say its more of a Soft Indie Rock song. Vocals remain pretty soft throughout, and its definitely not the focal point of the song (the instrumentals are the main focus).


Headbanging in the mirror
Wish I could see so much clearer

Just let me come down from this speedy

Afternoon interior dream


In my late twenties

I flew to LA

Born in New Jersey

I drove on the highway

Working nine to five

I won’t play that game

When you caught my eye

I wasn’t the same


Now they’re headbanging in the mirror

Now I can see so much clearer

Just let me come down from this speedy

Afternoon interior dream


Headbanging in the mirror

And I can see so much clearer

Don’t ever let me come down from this

Afternoon interior dream

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