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White Lung at the Velvet Underground

Photos by Neil Van

What a great reason to be a part of Canadian Music Week! Canadian punk rock troupe White Lung have had acclaim for a few years now, especially in regards to singer Mish Way’s lyricism and the band’s razor sharp tone. They released their heavily anticipated album Paradise on May 6th. To celebrate, they tore down the house at the newly renovated Velvet Underground; The venue may as well go under construction once more. At 11 at night, the band opened their new album, the weekend and their next phase as a dominant punk group all in one shot. The venue was dark and clad with freaky sculptures, but White Lung made the place even more underground than it bargained for.

 Mish Way moves like a dancer with a live boa across her shoulders, as she cascaded across the front of the stage. She sneered while she danced, with her head tilted towards the very ledge of the stage and her gaze peering towards the back of the venue with a sense of sinister intent. With the occasional comment to the crowd, Way and company spoke more through their visceral playing. Everything from Way’s unplanned dances to the feedback that pierced the Toronto skies. Some songs punched heavily, and some songs remarked with sass and cheekiness. Either way, the set was raw and driven. White Lung are geared to play at this year’s Wayhome festival, and this tiny preview guarantees that their slot is as deserving of being checked out as their newest album is. White Lung are one of the most exciting punk rock bands in recent years, and this set proved that they are as badass as they seem on recording.

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