JFL42 2016 First Impressions

Cards on the table, this is straight up PR fluff. However, it’s straight up PR fluff backed by authentic enthusiasm, written by someone with no talent for putting together PR fluff. So take it for what you will.

JFL42 has grown to become one hell of a festival and five years in, it’s getting even better. That sounds like straight up garbage, right? Some hack line to throw about? It’s not. JFL42 is one of the few festivals that ups the ante each year. How can that be justified as anything more than unsubstantiated tripe? Because JFL42 is a festival that listens. It cares about you. It wants you to have a good time, put a smile on your dial. JFL42 thinks you’re cute and wants you to know that.

This part ain’t no joke. One of the enduring criticisms of the festival is how complicated the ticketing system is. You pay your money, carefully micromanage your bookings, promise your firstborn and pray that it’s not some phishing scheme in disguise. Good news, those pass options still exist. Other good news, if that’s too complicated you can just buy individual show tickets. JFL42’s credit system effectively means that if can read instructions, you can see more comedy than you have time for. If you can’t be bothered with all that, then don’t. Just buy your tickets. Like Hannah Montana, you get the best of both worlds.

There’s also another bonus this year. Do you think you’re a better comedy nerd than anyone else? They’ve added another tier to the proceedings. Because it wasn’t enough fun to merely watch your headliners at night, JFL42 has put together the ComedyCon series. What’s that? Well I’m glad you asked. ComedyCon is a selection of exclusive intimate daytime performances and panels with veteran comics. Is being an internet scammer way too lucrative these days? Why don’t you funnel some of that hard scammed cash and excellent work/life balance into seeing these headliners in a much more personal light?

Oh crap, have I not even mentioned the headliners yet? Ever heard of Demetri Martin? Jim Jeffries? Jim Gaffigan? Chris D’Elia? Trevor Noah? Anthony Jeselnik? Tig Notaro? Roseanne Barr? Wait. Roseanne Goddamn Barr? Eternal shit disturber, recent presidential candidate and star of game-changing sitcom Roseanne? Well alright then. Let’s get excited, people.

To be honest, the line up is crammed full of amazing comics. Talent like Maria Bamford, whose recent Netflix series Lady Dynamite is, well, dynamite. Margaret Cho, whose insightful personal politics only get more relevant every year. The Harmontown podcast, driven by Community/Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon’s unpredictable and inimitable brand of genius. Craig Robinson, the musical comic you’ll know as Daryl from NBC’s The Office. The legendary Emo Phillips and his right field punch lines. Cameron Esposito, the squeaky voiced comedian bringing her hilarious podcast Put Your Hands Together. The father of Alt Comedy himself, Andy Kindler, and the return of his insane midnight Alternative Show. Hell, there are only 36 acts announced. That means there are still more to come. Can you handle this? Or is it too bootylicious for you, babe?

Wait, why are you still reading this? You could be on the JFL42 website planning out your calendar. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10am. Are you ready? ARE YOU EXCITED?

I told you JFL42 cares.

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