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Striker at the Garrison

Edmonton-based metal act Striker struck full force with their dynamic performance at the Garrison recently. This progressive metal act combines clean vocals with 80s inspired guitar riffs. A heavy full sound envelopes this band.
Although the stage wasn’t very big for this 5 piece band, they still managed to put on a very energetic performance, both musically as well as their active stage performance. It was obvious that each and every one of the members where have a great time, with smiles on their faces that would last the entire show.
The fans wasted no time head banging and moshing. When this started I decided it was time to relocate and got caught in the mosh. I was sent flying back a few feet and landed on my ass. But true to general metal heads nature, a group of people rallied around me to make sure I was ok. Yes maybe a few bruises, but my camera was fine thankfully. This is not unexpected when I attend a metal show, I guess it comes with the territory.
Their set lasted close to an hour. But flew by in an instant.
Following the show, the members were seen in the crowd greeting fans like they where best friends. Very humbled in nature and appreciative of their followers support.
Local support for the evening was Manacle and Axxion. Both had great fan support, and put on tight performance. A great compliment to the headliner.
I could totally relate to Strikers music. I wasn’t familiar with them prior to the show, but left as a new fan. In the last year I’m walked away from maybe 2 shows that I thought WOW… I really liked them. This happens to be one. Metal heads, check them out. You will not be disappointed.
Set list:
  1. Crossroads
  2. All for One
  3. Locked In
  4. Too Late
  5. Lethal Force
  6. Phoenix Lights
  7. Escape From Shred City
  8. Full Speed or No Speed
  9. Out for Blood
  10. Fight for Your Life
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