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Pro-Pain at The Garrison

New York based alternative metal band Pro – Pain performed at the Garrison in Toronto, with local act The Blackcloud Syndicate as their direct support.

The night started off really loudly. I felt like the speakers were cranked to 15/10. A modest crowd was there to support The Blackcloud Syndicate. I couldn’t help but feel it was mostly family and friends that where there to support their performance. Vocalist Miko Zolefrapanidis had the most energy out of the bunch, thrashing about. It would happen to be the guitarists last performance with the band as he was leaving to pursue other interests. Was I excited by their performance? Not really. Where they terrible? Not really. I just was not feeling their vibe that evening.

Pro – Pain stepped on stage at 10:15pm. By this time the venue had filled in a bit more. It certainly wasn’t to capacity, but there was a noticeable difference in attendance.  From start to finish they maintained an aggressive tone musically and with their stage presence. Guitarist Marshall Stephens spent the night jumping with the feel of the music. An aggressive in your face performance to say the least.

The crowd of 30-40 year olds where thrashing and getting into the vibe that the band was giving off. It was sporadic in nature…one moment they where bobbing their heads and the next bashing into each other.

Pro-Pain show that they have been in the scene for 24 years with a decent following for a reason. A show full of heavy in your face moments. If I had to rate it out of five would easily give it a 4/5.


Set list:


Three Minutes Hate

Stand Tall

Sucks to be you



No Way Out

Voice of Rebellion


Gone Fishin’

In For The Kill

Fuck It

The Shape of Things to Come


Foul taste of Freedom

Johnny Black

State of Mind


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