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Father John Misty with Highs, Land Of Talk, Mother Mother and Born Ruffians at NXNE

Photos by Neil Van.
NXNE moved from Yonge Dundas Square to the Portlands this year, and the new setting could have meant anything. For the bonkers folk rock singer Father John Misty, this was both the perfect festival and setting for this elaborate lyricism and unpredictable antics. There’s something about floating seagull feathers and the smells of the lake and fish that just kind of go hand in hand with a dedicated set full of personal shanties.

So, what was Father John Misty? What wasn’t he? He conducted his band like a mad professor in his sleek suit as the lights melted the back of the stage. When Father John Misty would sing during these moments, he’d march across the floor like a televangelist with his index finger pointed towards the heavens. Then there were moments where he stood behind his guitar and crooned like Dallas Green. Yes, Father John Misty is capable of anything and his headlining gig at NXNE proved it.

When I saw him perform at Field Trip last year, he tore the set down and disappeared. I asked myself how the hell he didn’t headline that day. This set proved my point. Father John Misty is a passionate performer who is gifted with comedic timing, electricity and magnetism. There is absolutely no way you can be bored by his set. He is an absolute character and a testament that rock stars are not gone. I’ve seen him twice now and by god I’d see him again.

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