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Prozzak at the Danforth Music Hall, NXNE

Baby I need your love… it was more like: Prozzak, Toronto needs your love. Everyone’s favourite cartoon duo from the 90’s took to the stage at the Danforth Music Hall for NXNE. 

Originally set to take place at the Phoenix, organizers figured that the Danforth would be a more suitable choice and they were right. Thousands of die-hard fans of Simon and Milo filled the music hall for an exceptional nostalgia trip. 

Last year we saw them reunite after almost a decade at Atomic Lollipop, and most recently Jay Levine and James Bryan McCollum dropped in on my podcast. But this time it was on a proper stage with lasers, lights, smoke machines, and more. James’s two kids even joined them on stage to sing along. 

Even though the music hall wasn’t at full capacity that night, every single person in attendance was a loyal follower. There was even some pretty serious moshing going on. People can pushed and pulled. A few got knocked over. But the majority of fans are nice people can helped each other calm down and enjoyed the rest of the show. 

After around one-hour of retro love, Jay and James met and greeted fans at the merch tables. 

The creative minds behind Prozzak are hard at work on bringing forth new material. Exciting times are ahead and old and new fans. 

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