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Poison the Well at the Opera House

Metal act Poison the Well performed at the Opera House recently, packing the venue with hardcore fans.

The band had massive energy and were certainly not caught standing still for more then a moment.

The crowd sang along loud and proud to a number of songs from their set that evening.

One key ingredient to any Metal show is the active mosh pit, and this show was no exception.

Singer Jeff Moreira said it was rare to do shows anymore with each members general life responsibilities and it was nice to get out to perform to such a great crowd.


Set list:


Parks and What you Meant to Me

Letter Thing

Zombies are Good for Your Health



Artist’s Rendering of Me

Apathat is a Cold Body

Prematurito El Baby

Antarctica Inside Me

You Will Not Be Welcomed

Crystal Lake


Slice Paper Wrists



For a Bandaged Iris



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