How Apple Will Promote Mobile Gaming with App Store Games on Twitter

Apple has taken to Twitter to promote mobile gaming and everybody’s getting excited about it. The fact that Apple’s brand new Twitter account, launched exclusively to promote App Store games, already has over 40,000 followers proves that the strategy is working. It’s not that Apple is new to Twitter—its other App Store Twitter account has more than four million followers. 

The new account’s bio says, “Embrace the future of gaming. Straight from our Game Editors.”  If one follows the activities on @AppStoreGames, one will notice that these game editors mostly share links to App Store games, which is exactly what @AppStore, its sister account, does. The App Store is the place from where one can download and play new app for iPhones. 

The game editors are also creating brand new hashtags at the new account and collaborating with studios to share pictures with “Ready to Play” captions. The imagery used on the new Twitter account, including the banner image, the color scheme, and artwork, reminds its followers of the eighties. 

They have also drawn up an interesting weekly schedule. Followers can get a peep into upcoming mobile games through the hashtag #MondayPreview on Mondays. On Tuesdays, they share various tricks and hints through the hashtag #Unstuck. While Wednesdays are dedicated to giveaways, Saturdays are devoted to individual mobile games and interviews with celebrities. The first of these interviews, accompanied by the hashtag #AppStoreChat, was with Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead. 

So far, the new Twitter account has promoted mobile games such as The Walking Dead, Game of War, Vain Glory, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, and Leo’s Fortune, among others. The team of game editors has also given attention to indie developers. 

Apple’s Twitter strategies are definitely bound to strengthen the App Store’s role in the development of mobile gaming.