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Halestorm with Lita Ford and Dorothy at the Phoenix Concert Theatre

Three kick ass ladies with some serious vocals took command of the stage at The Phoenix Concert Theatre on Wednesday and made it their own.  If you know me at all you know how much I love strong female vocals and these three amazing ladies didn’t disappoint.  

First to hit the stage was Dorothy.  They brought their rock/blues vibe all the way from Los Angeles, where they are from, and filled the Phoenix with ease.  Being the opening act it is sometimes difficult to fill the venues and get the crowd engaged with your music, but Dorothy had no issues in this department.  The fans were eating up every second of her set and I found her style very reminiscent of Canadian icon Alannah Myles. 

Next to hit the stage was the legend Lita Ford.  What can I say that hasn’t been said before about this superstar?  Probably nothing.  The Phoenix was absolutely packed at this point with very little room to move, and it didn’t surprise me at all.  She walked on stage and the crowd screamed, you would have thought they were the headliners for the evening.  I found half the audience was there to see her and the other half was there to see Halestorm.  Unfortunately the night wasn’t all great, there was some very disappointing technical problems with the sound/sound tech.  Lita was joined on stage by Lzzy Hale and Dorothy to accompany her singing “Cherry Bomb” and when Lzzy started singing the vocals were non existent.  I knew this part of the night was coming and was really looking forward to hearing the three ladies belt out such an iconic tune, I was quickly let down from the get go.  Some things you will never get to hear live again and unfortunately this was one of them.  Clearly something went really wrong and by the time the sound tech figured it out the song was over.  Hey Lita, Lzzy and Dorothy if you are by any chance reading this, I want a redo! It isn’t the same the next day watching it on YouTube from another venue.  By the time “Cherry Bomb” was over and they started “Close My Eyes Forever” another iconic tune originally done by Lita and Ozzy, Lzzy’s vocals kicked into full force and the crowd cheered followed by very loud ear piercing feedback.  Fortunately no glass was harmed with the shrilling feedback.  The rest of the evening there was no other issues from what I heard and I was able to enjoy the rest of the show.  I do have to make mention of Lita’s band.  Such showman on stage, engaging the crowd all the while playing their instruments with ease. Great job Marty, Patrick and Bobby! 

Now on to my review of one of my favourite bands, Halestorm. If you are looking for me to say anything bad about them you might as well stop reading because here is my time to gush just a little bit.  I had the opportunity to interview them Wednesday afternoon before their show and they are exactly how I wanted them to be.  Arejay and Lzzy are fascinating, kind individuals who play off each other’s humour but also humble enough that you want to be their friend.  I received a huge hug the second I met them, no “Rockstar” attitude with these two.  Never in my life did I think I would be able to meet them and one of my bucket list dreams came true. 

They came out on stage and the fans reaction was incredible the screams were ear piercing and I am pretty sure if there was any loose screws in the building they have completely let go and lying on the floor somewhere never to be found again.  Halestorm started their set with “I Get Off” and when I turned around to see the crowd from the media pit they were all singing their hearts out.  I have to admit I was one of them while I was trying to take pictures of the band from the pit.  I am pretty sure Joe Hottinger (guitarist) was laughing at me from stage, trying to shoot the show but being overcome by the moment. 

I ended up at the very back of the venue against the back wall because there was not a spot anywhere else to stand, this show was sold out and then some.  Not such a great place to watch the show when you are barely 5 feet tall but you do what you have to do.  Lzzy is a star all on her own, she commands attention with her amazing charisma and her vocals that are outstanding.  Not to be outdone by her little brother Arejay who is a showman all on his own.  His “tricks” behind the kit are mesmerizing, I will always wonder how he manages to play the drums while jumping around like a madman.  I am always game for an energetic drummer, most of the time they are hiding behind the kit and not really noticed, but not in Arejay’s case, he is a drummer you won’t soon forget.  I do want to make mention of Joe and Josh who seem to have stepped up there game just a bit from the last time I saw them, this I will always encourage.  

Halestorm of course played all the favourites the fans can expect to hear like “Love Bites” and “I Like It Heavy”.  Lzzy did take a few moments to talk to all the daughters in the crowd explaining how terrified he parents were when she told them she was going to peruse a career in the music industry.  “They finally admitted to me how terrified they were to let there little girl go into a business with no guarantees with sex and drugs….”. What parent wouldn’t be terrified?  I am going to take this moment to personally thank Lzzy’s parents for not stifling this dream.  Lzzy continued by saying “We have a responsibility (as females) we are living fucking proof you can do anything you want in life…”.  Lzzy is an inspiration to a lot of ladies including myself.  The night continued with “Dear Daughter” and to my surprise a Whitesnake cover of  “Still Of The Night”.  I am an 80’s child (yes I am aging myself) and I have to say how much I loved their rendition of one of my favourite Whitesnake songs.  

I will be counting the days until Halestorm is in my general vicinity again, and I am not opposed to driving a couple hours to see them. 

Once again thanks to the crew because without them there is no show! 

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