Concert Reviews

Danny Brown with ZelooperZ at the Phoenix Concert Theatre

Photos by Matt Forsythe

Detroit rapper Danny Brown is one of, if not the most unique rappers in the game right now. His immediately recognizable voice and sound has had me hooked ever since I heard his second studio album ‘XXX’ back in 2011 so I was super stoked to be attending his show. Danny recently released his newest album Atrocities Exhibition in September which has had a lot of hype surrounding it. He played the second last show of his Exhibition Tour 2016 in Toronto at The Phoenix Concert Theatre on Friday night.

Danny kicked off the show with an energizing performance of ‘Die Like a Rockstar’ off of ‘XXX’. The crowd was immediately jumping up and down to the Danny Brown classic. After a couple more songs he introduced himself with his all too well known laugh. Highlights of the show were definitely his performance of ‘Blunt After Blunt’, ‘Dip’, ‘Smoking and Drinking’ and ‘I Will’. The audience seemed to get extra rowdy for these songs, jumping up and down wildly, moshing together and tossing their beer cans in the air. Danny Brown had the crowd filling in lines for him since everyone knew the words and I could see he was having fun with it. He was genuinely enjoying being on stage as he smiled and giggled in response to the audience’s energy numerous times throughout the show. The energy in the room was contagiously exciting and I never felt a lull the entire night.

Nearing the end of the show Danny finally performed songs from his newest album ‘Atrocities Exhibition’. He played songs off the album including ‘Really Doe’ and ‘Pneumonia’ which the audience responded to with more wild jumping. He played his last song and thanked his audience. Expecting an encore, the crowd cheered for him to return. The lights came on and some people began to file out. Majority of the audience stayed though and continued to cheer hopefully. 15 minutes later a large percentage of the crowd was still chanting and calling for Danny to come back for one more song. Unfortunately for all those dedicated fans he wouldn’t come back.

Overall I really have nothing negative to say about his show. The flow of his set list was awesome. The energy was unreal. His talent was truly proven to me. Everyone left drenched in sweat and pumped up from the show. I can safely say it ranks in the top 3 concerts I’ve attended and I’ll definitely be grabbing tickets next time he comes back to Toronto.