World Premiere

Song Premiere: “Against The Beat” by Shadow Brother

Shadow Brother started when Toby and Jeff were college roommates in Memphis, after being randomly assigned to the same room. Shortly after, they began writing and recording music together. Then, the call was made to Toby’s younger brother, Jake, to help formulate the songs and to take on the role as lead guitar as they put together a band.The brother’s studio,

High/Low Recording, started in 2009, quickly became a creative hub for several Memphis artists and musicians, as well as serving as an incubator for their own projects. Having spent so much time collaborating on other projects the actual formation of Shadow Brother was a natural transition back into working on their own songs. After Jeff’s move to New Orleans, and Jake’s move to NYC a few years later, the trio continued to collaborate through voice memos and mp3’s and then occasionally convening at High/Low to flesh out the parts and record the songs.

“This was about my keyboard pretending to be a guitar. And the pedal board was a large part of accomplishing that. Few guitars on this one, as a variety of keys take over.  No drums until the end, perhaps shaped that idea.” Jeff Schmidtke
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