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Video Premiere: “High” by The Silence Factory

The Silence Factory’s new track ‘High’ was produced by Juno award winning and Grammy nominated producer Gavin Brown (3 Days Grace, Billy Talent) and is the second single from a new EP that will be released later this year. The song is currently going for adds at Canadian rock radio and is the follow-up to the first single from their forthcoming EP, which was a cover of the Harvey Danger’s track ‘Flagpole Sitta’.  The video for ‘High’ was directed by Jendo Shabo from Moonjump Productions and in keeping with the lyrics of the song, the video has a dark, moody vibe.

“The story is a bit dark, but basically it’s about a guy who feels guilty about the death of his girlfriend – even though it’s absolutely not his fault,” says lead singer Nathan McNevin. “The video tries to capture that feeling that people have when bad shit happens and they think they are to blame. But, in the end, the idea is that the girl comes back and tries to pull the guy into the road to get hit by a car and he realizes it at the last minute and pulls away. So, even though it’s dark it ends on a positive note. The guy finally realizes it’s not his fault so he can just be sad about the loss, but not blame himself.”

The Silence Factory spent a great deal of time on the road in 2016, playing over 50 shows, all across the country. And they plan to spend 2017 doing the same thing. They recently opened up for USS at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit and have some tour dates coming up throughout Feb and March with a full Cross-Canada Tour to be announced soon in April and May.


February 3 – Toronto, ON – The Cameron

February 4 – Windsor, ON – The Beer Exchange

February 10 – Detroit, MI – The Shelter

March 1 – Toronto, ON – The Horseshoe

Photo Credit: Anthony Sheardown

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