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Adam Ant with Glam Skanks at the Danforth Music Hall

The mood was a bit disjointed at The Danforth Music Hall on Sunday but with no fault of the bands.  Glam Skanks a highly energetic band from Los Angeles came out on stage to a seated crowd.  I felt this to be fairly awkward, a punkish/glam band trying with everything they had to get the crowd pumped and into their set, yet the fans just sat in their seats.  Don’t get me wrong, after every song the fans in the audience cheered for them but they still stayed seated throughout the Glam Skanks entire performance.  We have over the top fans but they didn’t seem to be in attendance for the Glam Skanks set.  The girls did however did put on a great show and I hope they come back soon.


Next up was Adam Ant, the man of the night and finely the mood somewhat changed.  The mood on stage seemed a bit somber and I can’t blame the band for this.  Just two days prior their guitar player Tom Edwards suddenly passed away in New Jersey.  Adam cancelled two performances but decided the show needed to go on and Toronto was the place.  Adam came on stage in a shroud of darkness and the audience cheered with everything they had.  I couldn’t help but notice the elephant in the room and it didn’t seem lifted until Adam mentioned the death of Tom Edwards before he played “Beat My Guest”.  “Tonight’s show is dedicated to a great friend and guitarist. Tom Edwards passed away two days ago, words can not express it and the next song is his favourite song….” Adam I send you nothing but love and respect for getting on stage again and so quickly after the passing of your friend/family member.  


This all being said the sold out room was nothing short of spectacular.  The front row audience had to deal with the enthusiastic crowd who had managed to weasel their way up to the front of the venue to get a closer vantage point to see Adam.  I wasn’t even able to get to my seat for most of the night and ended up standing at the back of the venue for the performance.  This was no longer a seated venue and it was to each their own to get the best view possible.  


It was good to see Adam Ant on stage and I am glad I was there to witness the “Ant People” enjoying every second of their set.  They maybe a little older and a little wiser now, but ready to have a great time nonetheless.  Once again thanks to the crew because without them there is no show! 

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