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“Wild at Heart” by The Wild!

If you think The Wild! couldn’t top their last EP “GxDxWxB” think again.  Right out of the gate their in your face guitar riffs are exactly what we have come to expect with The Wild’s sound.  “Wild At Heart” is an aptly  named CD for The Wild! with song titles such as “Livin’ Free” and “Ready to Roll” and we can only aspire to live the lives we assume these hard core rockers have.

There is nothing subtle about this Canadian, Kelowna based band.  Their AC/DC inspired sound has been blasting through the speakers in my house and car for quite some time now and it is no secret how much I like this band.  As much as rock and roll is a style of music it is also a style of life.  It is not just a type of music you play it is something that you are.  The Wild! is the epitome of rock and roll and this is heard throughout “Wild At Heart”, from the powerful and heavy guitar riffs in “Best In The West” to the somewhat laid back delivery of “Run Home”.  My fondness for their music is perhaps because of their apparent effortlessness of the delivery and execution.

If you haven’t paid attention to social media in the last few weeks, The Wild! teased us with 3 full song releases off “Wild At Heart” and I can promise you the rest of the album will be well worth the wait being released on February 17, 2017.  The three songs released were “Ready To Roll”, “Livin’ Free” and “Best In The West”, and I highly suggest you go check them out.  Pre orders of “Wild At Heart” can be made now on iTunes.  Rock n’ roll isn’t dead and The Wild! has made sure of that. 

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