“Indifferent” by Laughed the Boy

Laughed the Boy is a Toronto based Indie Rock band. Currently, the band is completely independent and not with a record label. With this being said, they have just released their first album, “Here is Fine” on February 10th. I was fortunate enough to attend their album release party that took place in the basement of The Smiling Buddha, which was sick and left me wanting more.

This week, I have chosen their single “Indifferent”. The song includes a repetitive riff that begins the song, and goes throughout. Vocals aren’t exactly over the top, but certainly goes great with the vibe of the song. The song includes some intricate lyricism such as, “I float around but nobody cares unless I shout out or fall down the stairs” is definitely” “Without you, I go crazy” “We wait around, we are indifferent”.

Give this song and album a listen! Interested in catching these dudes live? Catch them at The Mustache club in Oshawa on March 10th, and like them on Facebook for updates!


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